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Stossel: Lessons from Venezuela



UnnamedBy John Stossel - 

Democrats say President Joe Biden won “a strong mandate.” His government can do all sorts of good things!

I don’t believe he has a mandate, but thanks to the selfishness of former President Donald Trump, Democrats control Congress, and that may give them power to shove their worst ideas down our throats. Those include:

No. 1: Hate speech laws.

No. 2: Expanding the Supreme Court.

No. 3: Gun control.

No. 4: Spending much more.

Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have noticed that these “reforms” were just tried in a country near us. My new video reveals how they worked out (spoiler alert: badly).



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  1. A reporter interviewed an illegal immigrant woman on TV yesterday.
    She was one of a group of several who traveled together.
    She spoke very good English, obviously well educated.
    She said, all of them were refugees from…VENEZUELA.