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RALC recognizes Illinois Review contributor Nancy Thorner


LAKE COUNTY, IL – Last week, the Republican Assembly of Lake County recognized the work of Illinois Review contributor Nancy Thorner by presenting her the Raymond S. True Leadership Award. 

The group's current president, Glenn Garamoni, shared these thoughts during the presentation: 

The Raymond S. True Leadership Award is named in honor of a founder and the long-time chairman of the RALC. Every year we present this award to an individual who has shown leadership and earned our gratitude and respect through their outstanding service to our country and to conservative causes.

For our award recipient tonight, writing has become a passion in her life.  It is what she feels that she is meant to do at a time when America and the world are facing troubling times. Writing helps her see things as they are, so that she is able to put things in their proper perspective, and to remain calm when others see the sky as falling.

Having earned a Masters of Music in Music Education, she first felt the urge to write during the Clinton Administration, and she has never stopped.  Initially submitting letters to the editors in Chicago area newspapers, she branched out and is now a regular contributor to Illinois Review, The Heartland Institute, and Andy Schlafly's Conservapedia.  She has also had commentaries posted at Alex Newman's Liberty Sentinel.  My choice of an adjective would be, “prolific."

Although researching and writing is time consuming, she doesn't begrudge all the time she spends to make her articles informative, accurate, and uplifting to her readers. It is her hope that by reaching others with her writing, they might be enlightened, and inspired by the truth.

I am pleased to present the Raymond S. True Leadership Award, to a very accomplished lady, Nancy Thorner.

We, too, at Illinois Review are grateful for Nancy Thorner's writing contributions over the years to the state's conservative movement. 


  1. Congratulations! No one is more deserving of this leadership award than you. The time and passion you put into your articles is inspiring. Keep up the solid work and stay safe.
    God Bless America – Freedom Forever
    Robert Kulp Jr.

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