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UPDATE: Over 12k voice opposition to Conroy bill to quarantine non-vaxxers



Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 3.07.49 PMJan 31 Headline: Democrat rep calls for quarantine to observe those refusing vaccines 

UPDATE: As of Wednesday morning, over 12,000 signed witness slips opposing Rep. Conroy's bill. She did not present the bill during the online Human Services Committee hearing Wednesday morning.

Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at 10.11.23 AM

VILLA PARK – Villa Park State Rep. Deb Conroy (Democrat) wants to "isolate or quarantine persons who are unable or unwilling to receive vaccines, medications, or other treatments." 

HB 4640 is scheduled to be heard in the Illinois House Human Services Committee February 2 at 9:00 AM. 

If HB 4640 were to become law, persons exposed to an infectious disease could be placed under Public Health Department observation, only possible in a contained atmosphere with Department watch guards, some suggest such as a concentration camp. 

The bill says: 

To prevent the spread of a dangerously contagious or infectious disease, the [Public Health] Department may, pursuant to the provisions of subsection (c) of this Section, isolate or quarantine persons whose refusal to undergo observation and monitoring results in uncertainty regarding whether he or she has been exposed to or is infected with a dangerously contagious or infectious disease or otherwise poses a danger to the public's health.

HB 4640 would also set up a state network data collection system for persons that have received mandated vaccines, medications, or otherwise. 

Conroy's measure is to be heard this week. 

Over 3000 witness slips opposing the bill have been filed as of Monday afternoon. 

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  1. Communists. Whether you are for or opposed the COVID vaccine, you should be opposed to this tyrannical bill that essentially is becoming scarily close to camps, and invasion of privacy where we become owned by the state where they will have all our medical info on file. It will not stop there. Why do you think they would need to know our vax status? Just to have for fun? No, it’s the start of the social scoring like communist China. Telling us what we can and can’t do based on how well we comply. Treating us like sub-humans or animals that are owned by the state. The government does not give or take away our freedoms; We are born as free children of God. Stop this!

  2. You are disgusting Deb Conroy. This is inhumane, nonsensical, political and has no actual medical necessity. You need to get out of office and quit ruining our state. This is a virus just like the flu so learn to live with it! You should be locked up!

  3. You have got to be flippin’ kidding!! This is a nightmare!! Every night when I go to bed I think it can’t get any worse…then I wake up the next day and it HAS!! I am a HUMAN BEING, I will not be locked away in a pen like some kind of animal! I do not need you to “babysit” me with your guards!!

  4. Wonder is she has any relation to Hitler bc that’s what he used to do. Gotta keep communists like that out of the office. This individuals brain cells have long been fried and she has lost basic human necessities required to function as a normal individual.

  5. JB Pritzker legalized the spreading of HIV last year. People with HIV do not have to disclose their status to partners they have unprotected sex with…. How does that make any sense with this flu spreading law that wants unvaxxed held in concentration camps???

  6. The author of this unconstitutional bill needs to get a warrant if she has a lawful need for our personal information.
    All men are by nature free and independent and have
    certain inherent and inalienable rights among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. To secure these rights and the protection of property, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. (Source: Illinois Constitution.)
    The people shall have the right to be secure in their
    persons, houses, papers and other possessions against
    unreasonable searches, seizures, invasions of privacy or
    interceptions of communications by eavesdropping devices or other means. No warrant shall issue without probable cause, supported by affidavit particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized. (Source: Illinois Constitution.)

  7. You are a disgrace. You are not even suppose to know my medical info. You want to poison your family go ahead. You have no right to do it to anyone else. You just destroyed your chances at any political win I hope. Even vaccinated will not go for this.

  8. The power abusing communist-like democrat-controlled Illinois state govt are NOT our doctors and they have no lawful authority to violate the privacy of our medical records without a warrant or force us to get the vaccine. The Illinois Bill of Rights protects us from the tyrannical Illinois state govt, state govt is NOT above the law; neither is HB 4640. Administrative offices are delegated power, but are not all powerful and cannot evade the authority of the Illinois state constitution.

  9. Deb,
    I believe you think this is a good thing for society and for your caterer but I can assure you this will be the demise of society as we know it and of your caterer. No lease reconsider this tyrannical and insane bill.

    I will personally campaign AGAINST ANYONE pushing this tyrannical garbage.
    I will personally go door to door shaming ANYONE pushing this tyrannical garbage.
    I will donate thousands to their opponents.
    Disgusting violations of HIPAA, the 4th Amendment, Medical Discrimination acts

  11. State sponsored activism to reduce individual liberties in the name of “emergency” where the state dictates the parameters of the emergency and can unilaterally (without due process) physically remove you. Legislators like this use little authority to expand the state for the ‘greater good’. Not intelligent enough to understand communism

  12. This is no different from Nazi Germany in the 1930’s!
    The demorats are Socialists that do everything in they’re power to destroy America!
    We’re going to do everything in our power to make sure that you never hold a political office again!

  13. She needs to be removed from office immediately. She doesn’t support the citizens of Illinois not understands the constitution. Illinois representatives who are not standing against this nonsense also need to be removed from office

  14. Deb Conroy you are a special kind of idiot. It will be ironic when you and your ilk find yourselves in those camps awaiting your trial for crimes against humanity. Stand down and find Jesus the Christ conscience before it is too late.

  15. Wow the Marxist, fascist, communists, has really shown their ugly heads! This craziness is what they’re really all about!
    I’m glad you put this insanity in print!!! I know Liberals ,Independents and Democrat family, friends and neighbors that have finally realized the tyrants the Democrats have become!!! They’re all ready to throw their support to Republicans who govern with respect for our “freedoms and human rights”!! With this insane bill HB4640 you have awakened the sleeping giant!!
    Thank you for sending the Republican Party a title wave of new constituents!!
    We will see you and the rest of you communists in the next elections!! I welcome that day!! When you’re all finally ripped from power in this world, you will be judged by the Lord God himself!!! I pity the self serving evil you hold in your hearts…….

  16. Is this real? Concentration camps for the sick? I thought we used to send sick to hospitals to help them recover? Now we send sick to hospitals to be murdered on ventilators and experimental injections. Guess I’ll see you all in the camps so I don’t contaminate precious dear leader with my breath!

  17. We live in a world of sheep. Most of the population, not all of course but most, believe that their government wears a white hat and would never ever do anything to harm the citizens of this great country. People tend to believe that the government is the country forgetting that the US Constitution represents what this country is and NOT the government filled with egotistical manipulative self-serving people. The Constitution wears the white hat, not the Liars, thieves and Fat cats in D.C. and other governmental cities.

  18. Police will do anything follow orders like nazis for that big pension! Where else can you retire at 50 with only 20yrs on the job? Why do you think Rauner wanted Judges, Police and Fire first responders exempt from pension reform? Sorry Correctional Officers you are the red headed step child of Law Enforcement it’s ok to reform your pension.

  19. The State Department of Public Health “has supreme authority in matters of quarantine and isolation”. So no executive order needed from the Governor. He can easily say “Your representatives passed this”.
    “May adopt any rules necessary to implement the act”.
    Or this one:
    “may order the administration of vaccines”.
    “the Department may examine, test, disinfect, seize, or destroy animals or other related property believed to be sources of infection”.
    So while you are in the quarantine camp, they are in your house looking at everything.
    “You cat has the disease. We eliminated it. He happened to be rubbing against your pistol. We elimninated it”.
    Read this House Bill. It is all in there!

  20. There was a section in that bill that mentions doing the same to our pets. Went as far as talking about destroying them and giving us fair compensation for the destroyed animal if they deem that animal to be contagious. Disgusting evil witch. You better not test me on my fur babies.

  21. History repeating itself. First we had this based on skin color and now we want to do this because some of us don’t want to take a shot that has some glaring issues and calling BS on the data that keeps changing every other week to suit the narrative? Anyone who supports this should be voted out of office and laughed out of social media. If these shots actually worked, we would not need these “camps” and if the science actually worked, then the unvaxxed are protected by the vaxxed and/or people with natural immunity. Or did we forget how this is supposed to work? So disgusted right now.

  22. “Follow the science”
    But leftists don’t CARE a twit about science. Bunch of power-hungry a-holes. When are Illinoisans going to STOP voting for these leftists? Never, it seems.
    World Net Daily article on the just released Johns Hopkins study on the effectiveness of lockdowns:
    “Massive Johns Hopkins study: Lockdowns, masks, closures did NOT reduce death”
    In the WND article, there’s a link to the actual study, -a “meta-analysis”, -entitled “A Literature Review and Meta-Analysis of the Effects of Lockdowns on COVID-19 Mortality.”
    The article unpacks the lengthy study for the average layman. I quote the studies conclusion below.
    The conclusion of the study:
    “In the early stages of a pandemic, before the arrival of vaccines and new treatments, a society can respond in two ways: mandated behavioral changes or voluntary behavioral changes. Our study fails to demonstrate significant positive effects of mandated behavioral changes (lockdowns). This should draw our focus to the role of voluntary behavioral changes. Here, more research is needed to determine how voluntary behavioral changes can be supported. But it should be clear that one important role for government authorities is to provide information so that citizens can voluntarily respond to the pandemic in a way that mitigates their exposure.
    “Finally, allow us to broaden our perspective after presenting our meta-analysis that focuses on the following question: “What does the evidence tell us about the effects of lockdowns on mortality?” We provide a firm answer to this question: The evidence fails to confirm that lockdowns have a significant effect in reducing COVID-19 mortality. The effect is little to none.
    “The use of lockdowns is a unique feature of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lockdowns have not been used to such a large extent during any of the pandemics of the past century. However, lockdowns during the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic have had devastating effects. They have contributed to reducing economic activity, raising unemployment, reducing schooling, causing political unrest, contributing to domestic violence, and undermining liberal democracy. These costs to society must be compared to the benefits of lockdowns, which our meta-analysis has shown are marginal at best. Such a standard benefit-cost calculation leads to a strong conclusion: lockdowns should be rejected out of hand as a pandemic policy instrument.”

  23. I would certainly hope this would be fought against. The Supreme Court has already ruled the vaccination cannot be mandated and this is not Nazi Germany. The Nuremberg Code is there for a reason. This is a Nazi move in Illinois. Seems strange that this is not put out for the people of the state to give feedback before presenting it so quietly behind our backs. They say a lot of people have left the state and this would definitely be a reason for a whole lot more to go, just saying

  24. Holocaust Survivor: “Never Again Is Now. Unless We All Resist”

    In a speech delivered Sunday in Brussels, Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav described the striking parallels between what she witnessed as a child in Nazi-controlled Romania, and COVID policies being enacted today by governments around the globe.


    Take Action:

  25. Pfizer and Moderna BOTH have stated that the vaccines do NOT work on the Delta or Omicron variations. Why in the hell would anyone get the current vaccines? The spike protein that is forces your body to make is killing people! The vaccine forces your body to produce the spike protein possibly indefinitely. It will eventually kill you. STOP getting the vaccines!

  26. Hi there, I think Conroy sucks, but uh do you realize that the language you are citing is ALREADY ESTABLISHED LAW? Don’t get me wrong, I love to call people communists without knowing what that means and I like to start every day by being totally hysterical over a non-thing because some random dude with a blog on a serious-sounding and professional URL told me to be that way.
    But anyway, yeah, the language you’re freaking out about is already law – the Illinois Department of Public Health Act – and has been for a very long time. See for yourselves:
    Conroy, who again, is nasty and sucks, did not introduce this language. Her bill makes one totally irrelevant and stupid but ultimately innocuous and harmless amendment to this law. They can forcibly quarantine your ass already guys.
    So if you want to be pissed at someone (and let’s not kid ourselves, of course you do!), be mad at the REPUBLICAN who introduced the Department of Public Health Act many many years ago. Because you probably know the IDPH is like 150 years old lol.

  27. Although Rep Conroy did not present this bill (for now) we must not let our guard down. Most likely they will make the wording “prettier” or break up the bill and slide it into other less noticeable bills. This is IL paving the way for the Great Reset.
    I’m not sure if anyone else was alarmed with the section of the bill (sandwiched toward the bottom) which mentioned that anyone who “spreads misinformation” (disagrees) would be charged with a class A misdemeanor!
    And the section giving the “Department” the authority to seize and destroy property and animals, should they deem it necessary is chilling.
    This entire bill was riddled with fascism.

  28. It is not clear what Rep Conroy is adding and what already exists as law. This information should be clearer or easier to access.
    We need to be examining and asking questions about what already exists as law because that bill is a total freedom-taking control fest. All that’s needed is another crisis.

  29. You should go get a job in law enforcement. You think it’s so great. Police Officer earn a retirement with 20 years on the job. Not so great missing your family on holidays, being shot at, spit on and never wanted until you are needed. Officers lay their lives on the line every day they put the uniform on. I am thankful for all our Officers and praying for them every day.

  30. Please research for yourself. These words are already in the current law. They are not part of her proposed Amendment. Seriously people, do some due dilligence, all of this fake news/misinformation is out of hand and people’s lives are being threatened over it.

  31. Thank you! Someone else who can actually read and take time for some due diligence. The majority of these posts are what’s wrong with this society. Talk about sheep… FFS all you angry people need to think for yourselves, read for yourselves, watch for key words, investigate. It only takes 5 minutes to find the current law, compare and read her amendment and find nothing you all are up in arms about has anything to do with Deb Conroy.

  32. You’re the one following orders like a Nazi!!!!! can’t you see what this world is coming to??? a vaccine takes 6+ years to create, how did they come up with a covid vaccine in 7-9ish months??? and you’re allowing them to put that into your body? lord help you.