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Illinois mandatory vaccine registry measure hearing rescheduled for next Wednesday



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SPRINGFIELD – A measure to require Illinois doctors and pharmacies to enter administered vaccines into a state-run and -controlled registry was postponed this week and re-scheduled for next Wednesday – despite over 14,000 opposition slips filed with the Illinois General Assembly website. 

Earlier this week, Illinois Review reported on a bill introduced in the Illinois General Assembly that would require all doctors, pharmacies, hospitals and medical centers to register their patients' personal immunizations with a state-run database.  Currently, participation in the state immunization registry in place is optional. 


Lake County state Rep. Bob Morgan seems to not be intimidated by the rare outpouring of opposition to HB 4244. After the Human Services Committee was postponed this week, it was rescheduled for Wednesday January 26 at 9:00 am, and HB 4244 is on the docket for the hearing. 

For the most part, those 14,000 plus that have filed opposition witness slips are representing themselves or their families, while the less than 300 proponents represent medical facilities, hospitals, pediatricians and other medical professionals.  

For more information on the measure and those on the hearing committee, see Illinois Review's "UPDATE: THOUSANDS FILE OPPOSITION TO MANDATORY VACCINE REGISTRY IDEA" 

For those interested, witness slips for HB 4244 may be created at this link: https://my.ilga.gov/Hearing/HearingDetail/18945 


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  1. There are more than 300 medical facilities, hospitals, pediatricians and other medical pros in Illinois, so why are so FEW of them in favor of this authoritarian, dictatorial scheme?
    Do the majority of them also see the danger in this?

  2. I was shocked at how many pediatricians and pediatric groups are in favor of this bill. If my child’s pediatrician was listed as a proponent, I would be very concerned, because that would mean he/she doesn’t value the privacy of my child’s medical records.

  3. The concept of a government vaccination registry is abhorrent. It is not the job of the government to track the vaccination status of its citizens.
    Changing the state vaccination registry from voluntary to mandatory will make it easier for the state to mandate the covid vaccine and other vaccines.
    This is my standard rebuttal to the argument of “science” justifying covid mandates:
    There is nothing scientific about forcing masks, a particular vaccine, or anything else on other people.
    As British Rabbi Jonathan Sacks said:
    “Science will explain how but not why. It talks about what is, not what ought to be. Science is descriptive, not prescriptive; it can tell us about causes but it cannot tell us about purposes. Indeed, science disavows purposes.”
    In other words, science only tells us what is. It doesn’t tell us what policies to implement. Mask, vaccine, and other mandates are the result of political science, not actual science.
    Science isn’t some omnipotent, invisible force that tyrants can summon to strip away the liberty of others. It is simply a tool that allows us to learn about our world through critical and impartial observation.
    Risk is inherent in a free society. A free people assume that risk as they go about their daily lives. No more restricting our liberty under the guise of additional security.
    No more mask mandates, quarantining of healthy people, lockdowns, vaccine mandates, mandatory covid testing, and other covid mandates.

    All men are by nature free and independent and have
    certain inherent and inalienable rights among which are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. To secure these rights and the protection of property, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed. (Source: Illinois Constitution.)
    The people shall have the right to be secure in their
    persons, houses, papers and other possessions against
    unreasonable searches, seizures, invasions of privacy or
    interceptions of communications by eavesdropping devices or other means. No warrant shall issue without probable cause, supported by affidavit particularly describing the place to be searched and the persons or things to be seized. (Source: Illinois Constitution.)
    The power abusing communist-like democrat-controlled Illinois state govt are NOT our doctors and they have no lawful authority to violate the privacy of our medical records without a warrant or force us to get the vaccine. The Illinois Bill of Rights protects us from the tyrannical Illinois state govt, state govt is NOT above the law.
    Rep. Morgan doesn’t understand the Illinois state govt doesn’t have the lawful authority to do just anything they want; the US Constitution is their boss! The democrat’s basis for what is right or wrong is how strongly they “feel” about it. If they think something ought to be this way or that, then they don’t care what the law says or the reasons it was written that way. Rule of law obviously means nothing to some of the mob rule Illinois state legislature democrats.
    Rep Morgan swore an oath of office to uphold the constitutions, but the dirtbag thinks he is high and mighty by trying to make mandatory a registry of our constitutionally protected private medical record. Rep Morgan, stay out of our business and OBEY the Illinois state constitution!