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Illinois parents asked to sign petition opposing mask mandates



Thomas DeVore, Attorney

SORENTO, IL – There's an effort in the court system to end Illinois schools' masking mandates, led by downstate attorney Tom DeVore. DeVore has filed a lawsuit against 146 school districts that require masking. 

On a website hosted by the American Freedom Society, DeVore is asking parents to sign onto the "Masking and Exclusion from School Petition." 

"I constantly hear from people that they just don’t have the time or knowledge to keep up with what our elected officials are doing on a daily basis," DeVore says on the website. "This is why I decided to create this platform to provide up-to-date information to the people as to what our state government is doing. I want to put our elected officials under a microscope at all times. Knowledge is power and I want to give that power back to the people of this state." 

The site lists the 146 school districts involved in the lawsuit, and goes on to say:

Do you have children that attend one of the 146 school districts involved in the masking and exclusion from school case?

We are looking for parents like you to sign a petition that we can present to the court if the following applies to you:


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