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Trump endorses Miller for 15th CD re-election



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CHAMPAIGN – Redistricting Illinois' 15th CD created confusion for downstate Republicans as two Congress incumbents were drawn into districts forcing them to challenge each other, or one drop out.

Last Saturday, freshman GOP Congresswoman Mary Miller announced her intention to run for Illinois' 15th CD after veteran U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis said he intended to seek re-election in the new 15th, as well. 

While Davis announced support of local Republican officials, Miller announced she is supported by GOP kingmaker, former President Donald Trump.  

Illinois Democrats who controlled the recent redistricting process placed Davis in a horseshoe-shaped 15th District that stretches across wide swaths of south-central Illinois. They drew Miller’s Coles County residence into a district in southern Illinois where Congressman Mike Bost, R-Murphysboro, also lives.

“President Donald Trump inspired me to run in 2020 because our country needs principled conservatives in Congress who always put America First,” said Congresswoman Miller in a statement released over the weekend.

“Today, President Trump is endorsing me because I am a conservative fighter who is not afraid to take on the DC swamp.”

“I am not a career politician, and running for office is not my life’s ambition,” said Miller. “My life is spent in the real world, on my small family farm with my husband Chris, where we were blessed to raise our seven children and welcome our seventeen grandchildren. I bring those values to Washington, not the other way around.”
Elected in 2020 with President Trump’s support as an America First conservative, Congresswoman Mary Miller received 73.4% of the vote in the 15th District. She has been a strong supporter of President Trump and opposed efforts by Nancy Pelosi, Adam Kinzinger, and Liz Cheney to attack President Trump through the political “witch hunt” January 6th Commission.
“I voted against Joe Biden's red-flag gun confiscation efforts, which violate the Second Amendment rights of American citizens,” said Miller, who has the most conservative voting record of any member from Illinois. “I was endorsed by the NRA in 2020 and I’m the only member from Illinois with an A rating from the Gun Owners of America for always supporting the Second Amendment.”
“I’m proud to be the only member of Congress from Illinois who is fighting to impeach Joe Biden and the lawless Biden Cabinet for leaving our border exposed to an invasion of illegal immigration,” said Miller. “I am the only member from Illinois who has fought every effort by Joe Biden to use COVID vaccine mandates to fire Americans from their jobs and I opposed funding COVID vaccine databases that share information with the federal government.”
As a Pro-Life mother and grandmother, Congresswoman Miller serves as an advocate for the unborn, giving a voice to the voiceless in the womb. “When Democrats pushed for taxpayer-funded chemical abortion, I led the fight to ban taxpayer-funded chemical abortion with the Protecting Life on College Campus Act,” said Miller.
“I won’t allow corrupt Democrats like JB Pritzker to cut backroom deals to draw me out of the district I represent, because conservative voters who stand with President Trump deserve a Pro-Second Amendment, Pro-Life, America First voice in Congress,” said Miller.  “With hard work, prayer, and faith in our country, conservatives will take back the House and Make America Great Again.” 


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  1. As much as I like Darren Bailey, there is no higher priority this year for me than helping Mary Miller. She is the finest politician I have ever met in my 40 years of participating in Illinois politics in terms of ability and commitment to conservative causes.
    We have come close to breaking through the iron wall of “moderate” (me-too liberalism) Republican control with Dillard and Ives. If we can finally beat a major Establishment “moderate” like Davis, it truly would be a new day. You can be sure our corrupt Illinois Republican Establishment will do everything they can defeat her in the primary and in the fall election if she wins. The whole corrupt Uniparty structure depends on no true conservative ever winning something major in Illinois.
    Anyone in her district, I urge you to get out and campaign for her, especially by running for precinct committeeman. It’s the only way to make sure she wins in the fall, purging sure the Republican party of the usual patronage hacks who only follow the money, not the conservative principles they mouth to fool the rubes.

  2. It is always depressing and two incumbent Republicans are forced to run for the same district after a redistricting.
    Just another of a hundred reasons why our Illinois Republican party needs to improve its focus.
    We lose population and we lose seats, we lose our tax base, we lose employment…
    We are losing everything in Illinois, because we don’t run a unified conservative message that will win the critical victories in the state legislature that are necessary to win the right to draw the maps every 10 years.
    And I believe, most of all, that we lose because the republican party has never had the courage to fight the massive voter fraud that the Democrats use to steal thousands of races every year.

  3. Rodney Davis IS MY CONGRESSMAN! You OBVIOUSLY are totally oblivious to his voting record! Rodney Davis is NOT an AMERICA FIRST Congressman. He is an I am for Rodney Davis Congressman.
    I too will work with all my might to DUMP DAVIS! As recently as Last Month he voted to have a FEDERAL DATA BASE on American Citizens as it relates to their Vaccine Status. He is funded by Big Pharma. He would better serve the Chines Communist Party! GOOD RIDDANCE Rodney!