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Bailey’s response to Gov Pritzker’s confused mask mandate policy



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LOUISVILLE IL—Today, State Senator Darren Bailey addressed the media on J.B. Pritzker's failed record. Attached is a script from this afternoon's conference: 

"Friends, thank you so much for coming here today. We are in a fight for our freedoms and the future of Illinois. Working families and our students need relief and an advocate fighting for them. 

I applaud and stand with the many parents, students, and teachers across the state, standing up and demanding an end to the forced, unilateral mandates and a return of local control. 

But unfortunately, Governor Pritzker has once again put his political agenda in front of what we know to be in the best interests of our students and their education.

Governor Pritzker is fighting in court to force masks on your school children. This unilateral move without engaging the legislature does NOT make him a leader. Instead, it makes him a tyrant. And his inability to stand up to the woke mobs and special interests makes him a coward. 

It's time to stop this nonsense and end the mandates today. Defending freedom and protecting our kids shouldn't be issues you need to poll before standing up and doing something about it. 
I will continue fighting for freedom and common-sense policies. As parents…YOUR FREEDOM TO MAKE THE BEST DECISION FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY MATTERS.

As students, your education and your mental health matter. After seeing what Governor Pritzker has done to our students, businesses, churches, and people since he has taken office, I want you to ask yourself a simple question: 

Years from now, when your children and grandchildren ask where you stood when their freedom was on the chopping block….what will you be able to tell them? 

I know I will tell mine that I fought for their rights, mental health, and freedoms and did everything I could to ensure parents and students had access to the best educational options available. 

Friends, we cannot sit back and just let one person who has never stepped foot in most school districts across our state pretend he knows what is best for your kids and our schools. 

Parents, teachers, and elected school board members should make these decisions locally.

It's time to end the mandates and provide our children with the education they deserve. One where masks are optional, and possibilities are endless. Where parents choose the best school for their children, and their involvement is encouraged. 

It's time to stand up to the special interests, eliminate the mandates, remove the woke policies from classrooms, and restore the "P" in PTA. 

Parents, we are fighting to end this nonsense and give you the choice you and your kids deserve. Thank you so much for your time. God bless every parent, student, and teacher fighting and dealing with this nonsense, and God bless our great state." 


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  1. Mr. Bailey, you come from a rural, hard-working environment.
    You will now be running against RINOS, and if you win the GOP nomination, you will have to run against the candidate backed by the most crooked, lying, criminal Democrat scum.
    Be ready to fight,, and fight HARD. This is no race for the naive. Decency and politeness have no place in any competition against Democrats or their propaganda service, the leftist Illinois media.