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CTU-backed Amendment 1 would give teachers unions power over Illinois parents




Chicago Teachers Union takes credit for spreading the “new gospel” of union strike power across the nation. If the CTU-backed Amendment 1 passes in November, it will lock the union’s militant tactics into the state constitution, to the detriment of children and parents statewide.

The Chicago Teachers Union provides a case study in how government unions will use their power in school districts across Illinois if voters pass Amendment 1 in November.

CTU has gone on strike three times in three school years. In its latest work stoppage, over 330,000schoolchildren missed five days of school. Parents were notified of the walkout after 11 p.m. on a school night, leaving them just hours to develop a back-up plan after the union decided not to show up for in-person classes.

While Chicago Public Schools may seem far away – both geographically and politically – from other districts in the state, no district will be safe from this sort of government union power if Amendment 1 passes.

That’s because CTU is poised to take its militant tactics to school districts across the state.

CTU and its parent affiliate, Illinois Federation of Teachers, both publicly registered support – twice – for Amendment 1 when it was before the Illinois General Assembly.



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