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Despite Ives’ associate joining Sullivan campaign, Breakthrough Ideas’ efforts to continue



Kathleen Murphy & Jeanne Ives in 2018 Facebook photo

WHEATON – Thursday, Kathleen Murphy left as President of Breakthrough Ideas, a policy advocacy organization focused on connecting the dots for voters on public policy in Illinois. She announced Friday morning she is joining the Jesse Sullivan campaign as his GOP primary candidate for lieutenant governor. 

However, Ives – who had a substantial following in 2018 and nearly ousted incumbent Republican Governor Bruce Rauner in the GOP primary – is withholding her choice to endorse in the 2022 gubernatorial primary until a later time.

Breakthrough Ideas' CEO Jeanne Ives issued the following statement in response: 

Kathleen Murphy has worked for me and alongside me for ten years as a legislative assistant, campaign communications director, and most recently as a co-founder of Breakthrough Ideas.  More than anything Kathleen, and I, believe that Governor Pritzker must not be re-elected. His policies do not reflect the mid-western values of the people who live here.  The Governor has made our state worse off. He governed for the last two years on emergency orders, turned our schools into a woke indoctrination centers that continue to educate just one-third of our children, protected the political class and criminals and offered no real and substantial reform. For that reason, Kathleen has accepted the offer to be Jesse Sullivan’s Lieutenant Governor.

Breakthrough Ideas will continue its important messaging about key policies being debated in Congress, the statehouse, and on local boards.  We will continue to weigh in on the issues that concern the people of this great state.  We look forward to hosting top national figures that can energize and inform the grassroots. To join us, please visit our website Breakthrough-Ideas.com and join our email list.

Breakthrough Ideas, as a 501c4 organization is not making an endorsement in the Governor’s race. However, I am carefully considering the Republican candidates for Governor and assessing each candidate and their campaign’s ability to win before making my own personal endorsement. To be clear, I am not endorsing any campaign at this time.


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  1. “For Wales? Why Richard, it profit a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world. . . but for Wales!” Wink, wink I am not really endorsing Jesse but my right hand girl will have my Rolodex to help Jesse. Thanks, Jeanne for confirming what I’ve long suspected. A God given campaign season that is flushing out phony “conservatives” even more than Rauner did. Illinois Uniparty or what John Kass called “The Combine” has never been more transparent with Irvin and Sullivan. Fitting tail end to the scamdemic and scam election.

  2. Republicans have to play dirty like Democrats do! Rural Republican counties should hold off reporting results until Cook County does first that’s how they stole the election they waited to see how many votes they needed to win made up the difference with mail in voting.

  3. Follow the money on Sullivan and those associated with him. The vast majority of his campaign funds were provided by Bay Area, liberal Democratic elites. He worked for a Democrat against a Republican incumbent for Congress. He has no history that can be found qsupporting Republicans or conservatives prior to his gubernatorial announcement.
    Really surprised that ‘true conservatives’ would fall for this.

  4. “by Bay Area, liberal Democratic elites”
    Precisely. I noticed that just before he made his announcement, when I realized that many of his funding sources also support Kinzinger.
    If Sullivan wants to be taken seriously, he needs to (i) fully embrace DJT, (ii) explicitly state that China is our enemy, and that, as governor, he will direct all state entities to immediately divest from any investments in China, and (iii) explicitly promise that no household earning less than 150k per year will pay more than 1.5% of his home’s market value in property taxes any year.
    And I should like Sullivan, as we have The Farm in common. But I just don’t trust him. Irvin is worse

  5. As a Conservative Christian I am reminded of the Story of Adam and Eve with all of the Nonsense
    We must be familiar of Satan’s tactics:
    When Satan tempted Eve, the first thing he did was to twist the truth. From there, he planted a seed of doubt in the mind of Eve. He presented sin as if something that should be desired. He capitalized in man’s vanity. He made God a liar and persuade Eve that they can do better without Him. Eve was deceived, fell into transgression. WHO IS EVE?
    AVERY BOURNE AND KATHELEEN MURPHY Why would these woman sell their souls? Absolutely astounding!