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Is Pope Francis a Socialist?




The current leader of the Catholic Church, Pope Francis, has apparently disavowed Pope John Paul II’s anti-Marxist beliefs, marking a severe change in the Vatican’s official stance on socialism.

Consider Pope Francis’ recent comments when meeting with Italy’s revenue agency.

According to Pope Francis, “[Taxation] must favor the redistribution of wealth, safeguarding the dignity of the poor and the least, who always risk being trodden underfoot by the powerful. The taxman, when he or she is just, promotes the common good.”



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  1. Eventually Benedict will die and the College of Cardinals that elected Francis, filled with dozens of more Cardinals appointed by him, will elect the next Pope who will only differ from Francis because his skin will be darker.
    Francis is exhibit A why Jesus said “And do not call anyone on earth ‘father,’ for you have one Father, and he is in heaven.” The drift of the Catholic Church totally away from the never changing scriptures is now complete. It’s just a bigger form of Liberal Protestantism and will eventually go into the same oblivion. It just started this journey 40 years after the Liberal Protestants did. It’s obvious the Orthodox were right in having married priests and no central, easily corrupted authority but various archbishops.

  2. All the Pope is, is the “Bishop of Rome.”
    All the other garbage he claims to be is the creation of his predecessors and their underlings.
    Study the history of the papacy and you will find some of the worst villains in history who once held the title of “Pope.”