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It’s Time to Win War Against Big Tech



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Given the stakes, and the enemy’s resources, we must weigh every policy option. Kevin Roberts writes:

Big Tech is an enemy of the American people. The largest corporations of our information economy wield unparalleled power over Americans’ lives. They enjoy almost unfettered access to our personal information. And they exercise more immediate control over our speech and livelihoods than even the government itself.

They’ve had years to prove themselves responsible stewards of this power, by using it transparently and equitably, in the public interest and for the common good. They’ve chosen not to.

Internationally, Big Tech has partnered with the Chinese Communist Party, helping Beijing’s genocidal regime develop surveillance technologies to oppress its own people and military technologies that threaten ours. Domestically, they have colluded with government agencies and left-wing activists to silence conservative voices, de-platform conservative ideas or frankly any idea that challenges the opinions of our elites, and manipulate political discourse to undermine conservative candidates and causes.

[Kevin Roberts, "It’s Time to Win War Against Big Tech,” The Daily Signal, February 11]


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  1. Big Tech is in bed with the Democrat elitists, just like the labor union leaders are.
    Any union member who truly believes this union leadership
    is in place to protect his freedom and his personal interests is a FOOL.
    They are only in it for the money, and YOUR dues are
    “the money.”