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Di Leo: The Canadian Truckers’ Choice: The Easy Way or the Hard Way



The easy way or the hard way

By John F. Di Leo - 

Justin Trudeau, current prime minister of Canada, and heir of former prime minister Pierre Trudeau, is angry.  There are truckers — lots of them — clogging the streets of Ottawa, honking their horns, and revving their engines.

Raised in privilege as a prime minister's son, Mr. Trudeau doesn't believe that he should have to listen to the people's voices, let alone their engines. 

So he has ordered police to steal the drivers' fuel and even impound their vehicles.  He has ordered banks to confiscate their bank accounts.  He has even decreed a national emergency — which he didn't do for the virus, by the way, only for the truckers' convoy — and in so doing, jeopardized the majority status of his party, since virtually everyone knows that the Emergencies Act was never intended for anything like this.

Yes, this is a big demonstration.  Yes, it's one of the biggest in Canadian history, possibly the biggest (though there are different ways to count such things).  Yes, the closure of a couple of bridges was a noticeable hit to the economy for a few days — though not nearly as severe a hit as two years of mask mandates, social distancing mandates, lockdowns, and shutdowns have been, and we don't see him apologizing for those, do we?

But there is something about this particular demonstration that the extremist pro-max-and-vax fringe crowd might want to consider: that it could be worse.

More, in the American Thinker, HERE:


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