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Thorner: From the Iron Curtain to Canada: The Canadian Trucker Convoy Protest


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By Nancy Thorner - 
Here is a Romanian refugee from Communism under Nicolae Ceaușescu speaking. For your reference, here is a brief primer on Ceaușescu, so you aren’t one, as philosopher George Santayana wrote, of "Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it."
This ordinary, salt of the earth trucker sees very similar tendencies in Mr. Trudeau as he saw in Communist Romania, evident in the words he used, unfiltered by the rich media elite. 
The Romanian trucker illustrated exactly and precisely why the Deep State elite, the WEF, George Soros, Bill Gates, et al will lose.  As a microcosm of a much larger truth, the key point is such:  the elite do not have the human terrain. 
As the trucker said, “Just as the Soviets and Ceaușescu did not have their people’s hearts or minds, the elite are even uniting the Quebecois and the English to throw off the common oppressor.” 
As for uniting the French and the English in Canada after hundreds of years of animosity, only the arrogant elite in their echo chambers could accomplish as much!

Not only are the elite, under puppet master Trudeau, uniting French and English, they are even uniting Americans and Canadians.  Worse yet, they are even losing their own. 
Trudeau's overreach
Here is RCMP Corporal Bulford – who was directly on the detail personally protecting Trudeau – speaking live while resigning from his position in the Mounties due to elite overreach.
But is this Mountie alone? Hardly. The last living author of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, former premier Brian Peckford, also begs to object to this egregious overreach.
Infringements on fundamental freedoms
Think of Thomas Jefferson actively speaking out about those corrupting the U.S. Constitution that he, Jefferson, himself wrote.
Mr. Peckford explicitly said the exact same thing as RCMP Corporal Daniel Bulford, that the Trudeau government has failed to demonstrably justify their infringements on our fundamental freedoms.
Other rights that are being violated, per Mountie Bulford in the link above, are our rights to enter and remain in Canada; the right – as enumerated in Section 8 – against unreasonable search and seizure; and the right to life and liberty.
Regarding personal medical information, Corporal Bulford notes that even if he needed, in his official capacity as a Mountie, to get medical information from a victim of a crime, he had to get consent from a hospital, or get it from a difficult to obtain judicial warrant.
But not anymore. Under Marxist puppet Trudeau, all your rights are gone. Finis.
Canadians also have a right against being arbitrarily detained, such as in the detention facility outside of Saskatoon, SK in operation right now to detain Covid “untermenschen.”
Bulford adds that Trudeau’s government has engaged in a gigantic overreach into the fundamental freedoms of every citizen in the country. 
Concludes Bulford:  I have drawn my line in the sand. No more silence and compliance from me.
Lawsuit filed
Peckford, per the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, has actually filed a lawsuit in federal court over the lock downs and vaccine requirements for air travel, which is in violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which is the law of the land, and which he, himself, was co-author of.
Judgment for Trudeau?
Here is the official Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms for  reference.  Read, then consider if perhaps Mr.Trudeau should, himself, be brought before a court and tried for treason.
Here is former premier Peckford speaking live. Listen, then make your own judgement outside of the fake news that prevents many Americans from hearing the truth, which likewise rings true with the Canadian press.
Trudeau returns from hiding
On Monday, 2/7/2022, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau finally came out of hiding, demanding an end to the continuing protest by hundreds of truckers against Covid-19 restriction.
“It has to stop,” Mr Trudeau said during an emergency debate in the House of Commons
“This pandemic has sucked for all Canadians,” he said. “Everyone’s tired of Covid, but these protests are not the way to get through it.”
He added: “But Canadians know the way to get through it is continuing to listen to science, continuing to lean on each other.”
If truth be told
All the truckers want is a return of their freedoms, as they continue their peaceful Trucker Convoy Protest in Ottawa, Canada.


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  1. Did anyone see Trudeau’s “debate” in the Canadian House of Commons?
    Unlike the over-courteous U.S. House of Representatives, Canada’s legislature follows the British model.
    That means the legislators can hoot and howl all they want when the speaker LIES, and THEY DID!
    Their little sociopathic “Premier,” Trudeau, turned, and ran out of the meeting hall.
    He is resorting to dictatorial methods in order to get HIS way, despite what the people want, the true mark of an egotistical dictator. This now includes turning the police loose on peaceful protestors.
    How much longer will the people of Canada tolerate this?
    And when will Biden and his puppet-master Obama attempt the same tactics HERE?

  2. The “defection” of Cpl Bulford, and the comments of Peckford should be international front headlines. But instead, the fake news won’t even mention it on Section Q, pg. 859 in 6 point font. Thankfully, I get my news from sites like this, not the legacy media

  3. Where are the Republican Senators and House members denouncing Canada and calling for economic sanctions? We are shooting our mouth off about Russia but Canada goes despotic and we say nothing.
    I hope our truckers refuse to haul into Canada ad shut them down. Canada is now the enemy. Sanction Canada now.