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Dr. Solomon: How the Church was convinced not to pray for their enemies



Felicity Joy Solomon

By Dr. Felicity Joy Solomon –

I don't know if the current fascination with Ukraine is strange to you, but I can't help but find it somewhat bizarre. We all remember when Ukraine first stepped into our national conscience with the "perfect phone call" Trump often mentioned with its President Zelenskyy. Certainly all eyes were on the embattled President at the time as people contemplated the reality of impeachment and a nation divided.

We've also endured the divisiveness of Covid and now yet another controversial president that is again viewed as either the best thing since sliced bread or the worst president in America's history.

But now, whether it be media outlets, prominent companies, local websites with tees or even your You Version Bible app, everyone is "Standing With Ukraine."

Receiving prayers for Ukraine from everywhere, I had to stop and ask myself, what does the Bible say about praying for our enemies? And now, more importantly, why?

As I looked up Matthew 5:44 I was a little surprised. I thought the Scriptures said "Pray for your enemies," but it encourages us in almost every version to "But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you."

Love them???

Is that the way down deep in my heart love that's too far down for anyone to see? Or is that the Biblical "agape" love, to love them as God does, as God loved us in the midst of our sins?

If one feels that Russia is "spitefully using and persecuting" Ukraine, then shouldn't there be more prayers for them?

The fact of the matter is, recently the church is not applying the Bible in a literal fashion in world affairs. I'm concerned that we're interpreting the Bible more emotionally than was intended. 

Every time I've been reminded to pray for my enemies, I have grown to love them more, and many unexpected blessings ensued.

Let us be careful not to leave these blessings behind for a false show of unity with a world that is wanting to celebrate an underdog, rather than look at things through the eyes of all that Christ has said.

Dr. Felicity Joy Solomon is a Republican candidate for IL Senate District 49. 


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  1. Excellent read. Thank you, Dr. Felicity, for sharing the truth in love. It is easy to jump on emotional bandwagon when we have not “rightly divided the truth or, as you alluded to and I have done, relied upon what we think we remember the scripture says instead of keeping it before us and studying it out. It serves to remember (which you obviously do) that loving our enemies does not put us on their side supporting their agenda, rather, it places us on God’s side for the furtherance of His cause!