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Rossi: President Biden Did Get One Thing Right In Poland



Mm8jb3m044m41By Randy Rossi –

It is amazing and sad to watch President Biden get attacked all around the world for finally getting something right. We all know that Joe Biden has been known as the “Gaffe Machine” because of his endless and embarrassing mistakes throughout his 49 year political career. And that is particularly damaging now that he is our president representing America the leader of the free world.

Especially in these critical times as Russia launched the biggest invasion in Europe since WWII. But in my opinion, President Biden finally got something right in his speech in Poland which the whole world was watching. In that speech, President Biden was speaking to the people of Russia about how much damage dictator Putin was doing not only to the world and the people of Ukraine, but to the Russian people and their country.

He was appealing to the Russian people to stop Putin’s uncivilized behavior. He then summarized his remarks to the Russian people by saying what should be obvious to every civilized person, that Russia’s aggression “was a test of all time” for democracy and that President Putin “cannot remain in power”. That is exactly right.

Biden did not say that America or NATO should forcefully remove Putin from power, he meant that the Russian people should remove Putin from power. Just like Republican Lindsey Graham said and he was even more direct saying “Someone in Russia should stand up and take this guy out. Is there a Brutus in Russia?” Graham correctly concluded that “The only people that can fix this are the Russian people”. Sadly that is true unless Putin is removed by losing a war with the free world that could kill tens if not hundreds of thousands of people in Europe.

Tragically and embarrassingly, the White House immediately did a course correction while President Biden was in Air Force One on his way home by saying President Biden did not mean Putin should be removed from power in Russia. That is nonsense. Of course that is what he meant, and for once he was right. We don’t yet know how this movie will end, but the fact that Putin is evil, insane, and has nuclear weapons is really scary. For once, Democrat President Biden along with Republican Senator Lindsey Graham have gotten it right. To save lives and Russia’s reputation, the Russian people need to step up and remove Putin from office before he destroys Russia’s economy and reputation and many, many lives. Hopefully that can be done peacefully.


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  1. And just HOW are the “Russian people” supposed to remove Putin, other than by the traditional Russian way they have done since Tzarist times, by assassination?
    Consider the crooked, half-senile dangerous squatter we have sitting in the White House today. What power do WE, “the people,” have to remove HIM, either?
    As long as those in power have paid minions dependent on them, and a military and police complex to obey and protect them, what can be done about them?
    And, quoting a RINO like Lindsey Graham on any conservative web site is a laugh.