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Rossi: The Lunacy of Killing America’s Oil and Gas Independence




By Randy Rossi - 

Tragically, liberal Democrats are putting America at great risk in these dangerous times by trying to kill America’s energy independence as Russia is invading the free world. America could be 100% self-dependent for oil, natural gas, and nuclear energy  but liberal Democrats have been killing that freedom as they try to force American’s to convert to incredibly unreliable and expensive wind and solar energy. After all folks, “sometimes the wind don’t blow and the sun don’t shine”!

Germany is a perfect example of how stupid and dangerous it is to make yourself dependent on your enemies for the very fossil fuel energy which drives your economy and heats and cools your homes. Germany and much of Europe uses their enemy Russia to supply the gas and oil that drives their economy. Incredibly, Germany killed its massive nuclear energy system out of hysterical and irrational fear. In addition to putting their lives in the hands of Russia, Russia is using the money they make from the oil and gas they sell to Europe to buy the weapons and pay for the military that Russia is using to threaten global peace and now to invade Ukraine. As Germany now watches Russia invade their neighbor Ukraine, they realize that Russia could once again invade them and take away their freedom just like the USSR did. They now realize how dumb that decision was as they suddenly and dramatically increase their military spending, cancel the Russian Nord Stream 2  pipeline, and look for other friendly sources of oil and gas. Liberal Democrats want America to make the same horrible mistake that Germany made!

A simple rule of life is, “Be self-dependent and never put your life in the hands of your enemies”. America has enough oil, gas, and nuclear energy to be totally energy independent. In fact, America can be the #1 exporter of energy in the world! On top of that great news, if we take full advantage of our oil and gas resources and drill and frack for oil and gas on federal land, we can create hundreds of thousands of new high paying American jobs, reduce our debt, and even reduce our taxes to the American people. We would help our allies and put our enemies Russia, Iran, and Venezuela out of business because fossil fuel is essentially all they make and it funds their militaries which threaten the free world. And for the “Global Warming” extremists, American oil and gas is 30% cleaner than Russian oil and gas because American oil and gas producers don’t release dangerous methane into the atmosphere as Russia, Iran, and Venezuela do.

Any politician that favors killing America’s fossil fuel energy  independence had to flunk their strategic planning courses and haven’t taken survival training. One of the key strategic planning and survival rules is to be self-dependent and to plan for the “worst case scenario”. Putting your life and safety in the hands of your enemies or relying on unreliable wind and solar power is suicide by insanity. Maintaining our energy independence should be rule #1 for our government! The Federalist just published a great article that summarizes the danger of what these liberal Dems are doing and the title says it all; “Democrats Function as Putin’s Climate Stooges While He Uses Oil to Wage War”! Voters need to fire any politician that doesn’t understand that!!!


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