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Thorner: Important Hunter Biden laptop story mostly ignored




By Nancy Thorner - 

One big story that is not being covered is the Hunter Biden laptop computer story, with the Russian/Ukraine war and the hearing of SCOTUS Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson are overshadowing this important story. 

The New York Times finally admitted that Hunter’s computer was the real thing.  Obviously, the FBI should be on the case with a team of investigators because of the threat to national security.

Our laws are only as good as the authorities who enforce them.  We now have proof of censorship by the news media, who colluded with elected officials and law enforcement officers to protect guilty parties. Yes, it’s a conspiracy. 

The question is, with the Democrat in control of every level of power in the USA, who will enforce the law? How do we get our country back?

Contents of Hunter’s laptop

Hunter Biden’s laptop shows the US president has been compromised by the money and gifts given to his son by Ukrainian and Chinese interests. Among photos of Hunter indulging in illegal drugs, there was incriminating information about payment and gifts given to him by foreign interests.
There were indications in the emails that Joe Biden may have also received some of the money and gifts.
Despite the New York Post’s story having significant public interest ahead of the 2020 election, all the major media outlets dismissed the story and social media giants banned it from being published. 
An October 2020 article from the New York Post, which was published a month before the 2020 presidential elections, elaborated on the laptop and its contents. The afore mentioned MacBook was dropped off at a computer repair shop in Delaware back in April 2019. While the shop owner was unable to verify if Hunter himself was the one who delivered the laptop, it had a sticker of the Beau Biden Foundation named after his older brother.
Recent updates about Hunter's abandoned MacBook
As Margot Cleveland posted in The Federalist, March 22, 2022, Joe Biden Scandals Inside Hunter Biden’s MacBook That Corporate Media Just Admitted Is Legit:
"Last week, The New York Times quietly acknowledged that the emails recovered from the MacBook Hunter Biden abandoned at a Delaware computer store were authentic. The admission came nearly a year-and-a-half late, after the corrupt media — legacy and social — buried the scandal the New York Post broke just weeks before the November election.
Merely admitting the laptop is legitimate is not enough. Rather, by concurring in the authenticity of the laptop and the emails, the supposed standard-bearers of journalism have also implicitly acknowledged the validity of the scandals spawn by the porn-filled MacBook. And notwithstanding the salacious source of the documentary evidence of the scandals, the scandals are not about Hunter Biden: They are about now-President Biden.
1. Pay-to-Play in Ukraine
2. China Gets in the Game
3. Moscow, Kazakhstan, and More
4. Ukraine’s Firing of the Prosecutor Investigating Burisma
5. Obama-Biden Administration Ignoring Conflicts of Interest
6. The Intelligence Community’s Briefing of Biden
7. Possible Collusion to Interfere in the 2020 Election
8. Joe Biden Is a ‘Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier’ " End of quote
At Fox News Channel’s Sunday Morning Futures, March 20, 2022,  Breitbart News senior contributor Peter Schweizer, author of Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China Winweighed in on The New York Times admitting that Hunter Biden’s laptop was authentic. 
According to Schweizer, the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop show his father, President Joe Biden, “was the beneficiary” of funds from influential people in Ukraine, China and Russia
"The laptop reveals that "Hunter Biden received these funds, but the president of the United States, Joe Biden, was a recipient and a beneficiary of those funds. Hunter Biden and Joe Biden had intermingled finances; Hunter Biden was paying monthly bills, he was paying for repairs on his home. So, this is a story that goes straight to the president, and each of these countries, particularly China, has a policy of using commercial ties, financial ties, as leverage over foreign elites. And they clearly have that in this case with Joe Biden.”
Right to information
According to this article in USSA News dated March 22, 2022, "the mainstream media’s refusal to report on the Post story honestly was not only immoral, but it constituted disgraceful media malpractice."
“Journalists at the major networks and leading newspapers refused to even question Biden, the presidential candidate. They declined to cover the subject at all.”
"When the New York Post broke the story of the laptop and its incriminating documents, Fake-Fact-Checker Facebook and Fascist Twitter —the biggest social media monopolies in Silicon Valley— literally censored the story. Articles vanished and accounts were disabled. With computerized brute force they blocked or minimized its circulation in a desperate effort to protect Joe Biden."
How stiffing Post story affected 2000 election
Don't  voters have a right to know who they were voting for. They had a right to know whether the Democrat candidate for the highest office was willing to sell out his country for the right price. The media rushed to exonerate Biden without ever bothering to even examine the evidence or facts.
FLASHBACK: 16% of Biden voters would have voted differently if Hunter Biden laptop story was not suppressed by media, big tech. 
Personally, Thorner believe nothing will happen to Hunter Biden unless we change Congress majority.  A lot of people need to go to jail.
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  1. Our only hope: Vote Republican, elect conservatives, appoint NEW heads of the corrupt FBI, CIA and so-called “Justice” department.
    And hope the Statute of Limitations hasn’t run out by then.