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Wirepoints: Pritzker should cut Illinois’ state gasoline taxes




High gasoline prices are putting a real hurt on Illinoisans. The average gas price in the state of Illinois as of Tuesday was $4.43 per gallon, 26 cents above the national average of $4.17, a record high.

The major causes for the price spike are well known: inflation from the trillions in federal bailouts, supply-chain constraints and the Russia-Ukraine conflict. But less known is the significant increase in Illinois’ state gas taxes. They’re up more than 100 percent since Gov. J.B. Pritzker took office. In January 2019, total state gas taxes totaled just 31 cents. Today, they’re up to 63 cents. And they’ll continue to rise as gas prices jump, a function of the state’s sales tax on gasoline. Illinois is one of just four states nationwide to apply a sales tax to gasoline.

If Illinoisans want any relief at the pump, they should demand it from Gov. Pritzker.

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  1. How do any gas station operators located near the borders of Illinois survive? I routinely purchase gasoline out of state to avoid Pritzker’s confiscatory taxes. Consumers who buy fuel out of Illinois save 75 cents to a dollar or more per gallon.