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Hunter Biden Laptop Revelations Uncover Depth of Elite Institutional Corruption




Elite institutions once thought to be nonpartisan, bipartisan, or at least somewhat objective are becoming ruthlessly ideological and perfectly willing to use their power to crush dissent. Jarrett Stepman writes:

America’s most powerful, elite institutions now cooperate to misinform the public and suppress dissent.

It’s hard to think otherwise during the arc of the Hunter Biden laptop story that turned out to be true.

Last week, The New York Times reporters wrote that they authenticated email “obtained by The New York Times from a cache of files that appears to have come from a laptop abandoned by Mr. [Hunter] Biden in a Delaware repair shop.”

[Jarrett Stepman, "Hunter Biden Laptop Revelations Uncover Depth of Elite Institutional Corruption," The Daily Signal, March 25]


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  1. If many of us rank and file citizens knew about Hunter’s laptop and his relationship to Burisma Holdings and Chinese nationals, not to mention the lucrative financial deals he and his father gained from those relationships. How is it that the Republican party hierarchy didn’t? Why were they so silent? Were they quietly cheering on the corrupt MSM and Democratic party hierarchy, to be sure Trump was ousted for interrupting all their gravy trains?
    When are the rank and file center left and right going to say enough? Neither parties leadership represents we the people, they represent themselves and their donor class buds.

  2. And on Thursday it was reported that Jack Maxey, working with a group of computer brainiacs in a secure location in Switzerland, has recovered about 80,000 more “deleted” bits from that laptop.
    The mess gets bigger and bigger.

  3. To Fran Eaton, not for public posting
    I’m certain I posted a comment under this story on or about the 6th of April. It has never been released for public view. Why? You’ve ( or whoever does that) posted my others, so why not this one? In fact some of my others were critical of religion and they were posted but not this one, which is benign of religion. Did someone tell you not to post it? Im trying to make sense of what changed. I know you’re a religious right person as I saw your history on the Internet. My past post critical of religion didn’t bother you, but this one which is strictly political does? Doesn’t make sense to me. What changed? You have my email.