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Rossi: American Eagle Poops On President Biden for Blaming Putin for the Destructive Inflation He Created (truth & humor)



Image003By Randy Rossi - 

What is true is that a bird actually did poop on President Biden on Tuesday (4/12) while he was giving a speech in a barn in Iowa. In that speech, Biden falsely blamed Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine  for the drastic 8.5% annual inflation rate just announced which is the worst we have seen since President Jimmy Carter over 40 years ago. The bird that pooped on him surely knew that Democrat President Biden and the socialist Dem’s crazy spending and attacks on our fossil fuel industry is what really caused that horrific inflation that is seriously hurting all Americans, not Putin! You can actually see that poop just above the American flag lapel pin near Biden’s collar in the picture below. Interesting to note that the bird pooped on President Biden just after he blamed Vladimir Putin for our inflation. Timing is everything!

While the news did report on President Biden getting pooped on and showed this picture (from the NY Post), it never did report on what kind of bird actually pooped on President Biden. I would like to propose what bird I think pooped on President Biden. I think that the American Eagle (pictured below) pooped on President Biden because it is outraged at the damage that President Biden has done to the honor and prestige of America. That damage includes Biden’s cowardly retreat from Afghanistan, the anarchy that Biden has inflicted on our southern border which is an attack on our sovereignty, and Biden’s and the Democrat’s massive spending that took US debt to an unbelievable $30 trillion, the worst in US history.  After all, it is the American Eagle and that damage is hurting it’s reputation as well as our great Republic’s reputation!

Hats off to the great American Eagle for creatively expressing a majority of American’s anger and frustration with Democrat President Biden’s awful leadership which explains why his approval ratings are so low !!! I am sure that the American Eagle wants Americans to vote out Democrats in the midterm elections and replace them with Republicans that can limit the damage the Joe Biden is doing to America. Good thing for President Biden that bulls can’t fly or he would have been hit with B.S. during that speech!


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