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Rossi: Biden Administration Pushing Lethal Transgender Treatments for Kids



Woman-Trans-sexuality-Man-Transsexual-Gender-3554250By Randy Rossi - 

Every parent should be outraged by the Biden administrations’ recent endorsement of transgender sex change operations and/or hormone treatments for minors which were just announced by the HHS. Why should they be outraged? Because multiple scientific studies have shown that 70-80% of young people who think that they are transgender as minors find out that they are not when they become adults. The real tragedy they found was that those minors who had sex change operations or hormone treatments committed suicide 20 times more than the general public later in life. 20 times more!! If that is not murder, what is?

According to the CDC, 99.4% of adults are the gender that they were born with and only 0.6% are transgender. So why bombard all young children with this transgender confusion when 99.4% of them will grow up the gender that they are born with? Why not focus on supporting the gender they are born with which is the right thing to do for 99.4% of kids and don’t even discuss the transgender topic with them until they are in their teens and their hormones start cranking up. Then, if there are a few gender confused teen age kids, first focus on getting their parents and professional mental health experts involved to help them accept the gender they are born with which is right 99.4% of the time, and only introduce the transgender options to the very small minority (0.6%) that truly are transgender. And delay any transgender surgery and/or hormone treatments as long as possible, even until they are 30 to make sure that they really are transgender to avoid deep regret and suicide.

Why would any rational person confuse the 99.4% of kids that will grow up the gender they are born with instead of just privately helping the 0.6% that are truly gender confused? And given the incredibly high risk of having a teen age child get transgender surgery or hormone treatments, why would anybody not involve the child’s parents and get their permission? That should be a federal crime with steep penalties. What is amazing to me is that this topic is even being disputed. Just review the facts one more time and let logic prevail. Only 0.6% of adults 30 and older think that they are transgender. 70-80% of teenagers who think they are transgender find out that they aren’t by the age of 30. Those teenagers that have transgender surgery or hormone treatments commit suicide 20 times more than the general public! It is irrational and immoral to bombard all minor kids with this dangerous transgender discussion, and parental involvement and approval must be sought for the professional treatments of the tiny 0.6% of kids that truly are transgender.


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