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Leaving Illinois: New IRS migration data shows this state lost another 100,000 residents and a record amount of wealth in 2020



By Ted Dabrowski, President, Wirepoints - 

A Wirepoints analysis of the Internal Revenue Service’s just-released migration data shows Illinois lost, on net, another 101,000 residents to other states in 2020. The state ranked third-worst nationally for net resident losses, both in number of people and per capita.

Illinois’ tax base also took a hit as a result of that flight, losing a net $8.5 billion in taxable income (AGI) to other states in 2020 – a new record. That, too, was the third-worst performance in the country. But when measured as a share of total income, Illinois’ losses were the nation’s 2nd-worst.


In all, Illinois lost people, on net, to 44 other states.

To be clear, the data shown in this piece are migration numbers from the IRS. They are unrelated to the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2020 Decennial Census or its 2021 population estimates.

However, this new IRS data does help confirm what the recent 2021 U.S. Census Bureau population estimates for Illinois showed: the state is a severe loser in the competition of people and their wealth. The Census reported Illinois’ population declined by 114,000 in 2021 – more than any other state other than New York and California.



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