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Bailey/Trussell wins 2022 IL GOP gubernatorial primary



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EFFINGHAM – Illinois Republicans made it clear they want a strong contrast between the two candidates for governor in November 2022.

The two that will be before Illinois voters in November 2022 are incumbent governor JB Pritzker and state Senator Darren Bailey – who directly challenged the governor over the mask mandate in 2020. 

More to come on Illinois Review on this topic in the days ahead. But we wanted to leave you with this photo that the Bailey campaign shared Tuesday night. It's backstage at the Effingham campaign celebration of Senator Bailey with one of the Bailey's beloved 11 grandchildren. Here's what his Facebook page said:

Screen Shot 2022-06-29 at 2.04.19 PM


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  1. Congrats to Bailey.
    I’m a center-lefter, fiscally liberal, culturally conservative, Mexican-American. I’ve voted for both Dems (Bernie and Tulsi in the 2016 and 2020 Dem primaries) and GOPers (DJT in the 2016 and 2020 GEs, Bailey yesterday).
    And I have a question for the sclerotic GOP IL establishment.
    What made it think that I, an Hispanic who began to vote for the GOP specifically because of DJT, would support Irvin, a guy who branded DJT a racist and a bigot.

  2. ***fiscally liberal, culturally conservative***
    So…this is fascinating. I don’t get the fiscally liberal part. I would tend to think most liberal spending is directed at social services(welfare, drug programs, SS), matters that primarily manifest themselves because of a lack of conservative cultural values(i.e. personal responsibility, marriage before children, planning ahead, sexual morality, sobriety, living within your means). So, given that, ow do you reconcile the two?

  3. Early in the game, it was becoming apparent that Bailey would win the GOP nomination.
    Because “Bailey for Governor” yard signs were in short supply, almost impossible to get. Everybody wanted one.
    It was the same situation I experienced with TRUMP yard signs six years ago. I had to wait until some extras were located in Wisconsin before I could get any.

  4. Where am I culturally conservative?
    Primarily, on Life. I believe in Life. Also, I believe that a man is a man, and a woman is a woman. I’m also very patriotic. I believe in the nation-state, and that China (not Russia) represents an existential threat to our country.
    Fiscally liberal? I believe that income inequality is the primary economic problem facing our country. And I firmly believe in a robust safety net. And a tax on wealth (DJT himself wrote an op-ed arguing for a tax on wealth over two decades ago).
    There you have it

  5. After those Irvin texts leaked, it was all over for him.
    DJT is very popular among the center-left and center-right of this state. And that demo was not going to support a guy who called DJT a racist and a bigot

  6. Just found this quadrant breakdown of the US (not Illinois) electorate.
    Fiscally Liberal/Culturally Conservative. 14%
    Fiscally Conservative/Culturally Conservative. 42%
    Fiscally Liberal/Culturally Liberal. 39%
    Culturally Liberal/Fiscally Conservative. 6%
    I’m in that 14%. As are many Hispanics.
    I imagine that many in the Illinois GOP establishment are Liberterians, in that 6%