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Salvi wins IL GOP nomination; two losing candidates protest


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The IL GOP primary voters picked north suburban attorney Kathy Salvi as their nominee to challenge US Senator Tammy Duckworth in the November 2022 General Election. 

Duckworth's voting record while in the US Senate has coincided directly with radically-left US Senator Dick Durbin's and the radically-left "Squad" in the U.S. House. 

The contrast between Salvi and Duckworth's political views will be like night and day – Salvi is pro-life. Duckworth is pro-abortion. Salvi is pro-legal immigration. Duckworth is pro-open borders. Salvi is for utilizing all forms of energy. Duckworth demands an end to using fossil fuels. 

The list goes on and on … 

But the 2022 IL GOP U.S. Senate primary isn't closing on a feel-good note. 

Salvi won by 35,000 votes over second-place Peggy Hubbard, a downstate political activist that lost to Mark Curran in the 2020 US Senate IL GOP primary.

Hubbard was not happy with the reported results.

Hubbard resisted the Salvi win, pointing to the number of counties she won in comparison to Salvi. Hubbard wrote on her Facebook page at one point: "This is why I am not conceding! … I took 78 counties out of 102 …" 

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Another of the seven running for the U.S. Senate candidate slot – Bobby Piton – showed great anger towards conservative billionaire Dick Uihlein for his financial support of certain Republicans – including Darren Bailey for Governor. Piton wrote that votes had been stolen from him – and he showed receiving 9% in the election results on ABC 7 News.

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  1. Al and Kathy Salvi are known, respected conservatives in Illinois. It makes sense that she would do better than the others on the ballot.
    There is certainly vote fraud in Illinois, and general elections are sadly rife with it. But vote fraud in a GOP primary? That’s just silly.
    The Republican primary electorate knows and trusts Kathy Salvi. Nothing against the others in the field, but there’s no need to look for other things to blame when the answer is this clear.

  2. When I saw the headline, I guessed who protested the vote. It was like picking the chalk at the track. Too easy. Both of those candidates are bad. Charismatic in their own ways, but bad, and do more harm to the cause than good.

  3. Who’s running? I remember Lipinski, Rostenkowski. In DuPage we have Puchalski, Krajewski and someone I can’t remember. They call themselves the Polish delgation. I don’t think Poles vote for just one party either. I’m Polish, but also German and Dutch. My wife is Irish. Are people just supposed to vote for one ethnic group? Who am I supposed to vote for?