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Di Leo: Biden Whips Up the Longshoremen, As Strike Fears Rise



Joe Biden at the Port of Los Angeles 061022

By John F. Di Leo - 

Joe Biden went to the port of Los Angeles on Friday, June 10, to make a speech about the economy.

Nothing odd there.  The stock market is down 15% so far this year, inflation is skyrocketing, and energy prices are so high that the unemployed can't afford the commute if they accept a job.  An administration is expected to address these matters.

Unfortunately, in this case, virtually all the problems are caused by the very positions on which this regime is doubling down. 

And of all the indelicate, inopportune times and places to choose for this speech, he headed to the busiest, most important seaport in the Americas, twenty days before the deadline crashes down on the most delicate labor negotiation of the year.

All laborers on the west coast seaports belong to the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU).  While some of them still do the heavy, physical jobs of traditional shipping, the lion's share of this industry was changed, some seventy years ago, with the advent of containerization and the growth of intermodal transportation.

Continued, in the American Thinker, here:


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