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Expanded vote-by-mail could boost Illinois turnout by over 200,000 annually



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Expanding permanent vote-by-mail options to all eligible voters while retaining in-person voting would likely increase turnout without giving any political party an advantage.

Illinois could see over 200,000 more votes in its general elections as a result of expanded vote-by-mail services, but the higher turnout will not necessarily give an advantage to either major party and might yield better-informed voters.

Recent legislation gives Illinoisans the ability to choose to automatically receive mail-in ballots for all future primary and general elections with a single application, rather than having to request a mail-in ballot before each election. Illinois’ move to allow permanent voting by mail is largely similar to the no-excuse absentee voting system that has been in place since 2005. Now those who wish to vote by mail will only have to apply once instead of ahead of each election. 



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  1. I respect Illinois Policy, ordinarily, but…
    Come on. Have they really bought this concept hook line and sinker?
    The movie 2000 mules shows how much vote fraud was enabled by mail-in voting. Not to say that there aren’t dozens of other kinds too, but mail-in as a method enables widespread fraud.
    You can split hairs and say “but it’s the faulty registration that causes the fraud, not the fact that it’s mail-in”… but it’s hogwash.
    If a human being has to show up in a polling place, he has to be alive, he has to be present, he has to be nearby at least. As long as mail-in voting is an option, there is no security to ensure that each ballot is cast by one legitimate voter who can only cast one vote per election.
    This is a horrible capitulation to the Democrat cause.