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Hammer: What Is the US End Goal in Ukraine?



UnnamedBy Josh Hammer –

President Joe Biden recently signed into law a massive $40 billion “emergency” measure allocating additional U.S. aid to Ukraine. That $40 billion sum, which includes $20 billion in direct military assistance, $8 billion in general economic support, $5 billion directed toward food shortages and $1 billion toward the Ukrainian refugee crisis, comes on top of Congress’s earlier $13.6 billion aid appropriation.

On Wednesday, the White House announced that due to this additional funding, the U.S. “will be able to keep providing Ukraine with more of the weapons that they are using so effectively to repel Russian attacks.” Specifically, the military portion of the massive $40 billion figure will fund “new capabilities and advanced weaponry,” including four advanced guided-rocket systems equipped for a 48-mile range.



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  1. War is big business for all countries involved! Russian defense industry is roaring off all that oil and gas money! All of Europe can blow up easy a lot of grudges Greeks and Turks can go to war plus Yugoslavia, Corsica, and watch out for the Germans I don’t think they should be rearming conquered people always yearn to breathe free Germans may turn on us.

  2. What the U.S. goal is, I am not sure.
    Bit I think the goal of U.S. POLITICIANS of BOTH parties is to prevent whatever financial records that are housed in Kiev secure and out of unfriendly hands, to prevent the world learning how many of them have laundered their dirty money through agencies in Ukraine.