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Where’s Weyermuller? Talking to Alaska’s Kelly Tshibaka for U.S. Senate



Kelly Tshibaka

By Mark Weyermuller - 

You might ask why I’m following the U.S. Senate primary in Alaska. I’m following this race because it may end up being one of the most important in the country this election cycle.
Alaska is the largest state geographically, but its population is the lowest of the 50 states with 733,000 residents. They have two senators and only one congressman.  Many national candidates come to Chicago to raise money and campaign – including Kelly Tshibaka, GOP primary candidate for U.S. Senate. 
Tshibaka is endorsed by President Donald Trump. Alaska's current Senator Lisa Murkowski is a “moderate” Republican and not a Trump supporter. Murkowski is one of seven that voted to convict Trump of inciting the January 6th  so-called "insurrection." Many people that like Trump support people who support the America First policies, like Kelly Tshibaka. 
I was able to ask Kelly Tshibaka a couple of questions about why Alaska is a key state in this year's election in an interview before her visit to Chicago next week.
Her answer focused on Alaska's energy resources and the Biden Administration's misdirected agenda concerning green energy. 
Verbatim, her response was:

“Alaska is the key to energy independence and lower gas prices for America. Development in Alaska also would be an economic boost for the nation. Biden continues to try to escape blame for skyrocketing fuel prices and runaway inflation.
Let’s be clear about this: Rising fuel prices began BEFORE Russia invaded Ukraine. Americans know this, and they know when they are being lied to.

The national average price of gas had already risen 75 percent BEFORE Putin invaded Ukraine. 

Remember that the price of oil is a futures market – it’s a look ahead at what’s to come. Joe Biden promised he would be hostile to oil production, and that’s exactly what he has done.

Joe Biden announced his hostility to fossil fuels on the campaign trail in 2019 and 2020 and he has governed that way as president since his very first day.

One of his first acts was to shut down exploration in ANWR in Alaska– where we hold billions of barrels of oil that have not been recovered. 

In June 2021, he suspended oil and gas leases in Alaska that had been granted under President Trump. In 2022, he killed the future of the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska and the Cook Inlet Oil and Gas Leases. If these projects were developed, it's estimated they would yield tens of billions in federal royalty revenues.

Many of these decisions have been championed by his Interior Secretary, Deb Haaland, who only made it through the confirmation process because of one tie- breaking vote from Lisa Murkowski. 

Biden also killed the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have been a future source of oil beginning next year. 

Just this February, he froze oil and gas leases AND PERMITS on public land and in federal waters.

Biden bragged about reversing “over 100 Trump-era policies” that had been designed to promote energy production. He was proud of it.

Biden has squandered the energy independence achieved under Trump for the first time in 70 years.

If Biden wasn’t trying to cut our energy production, why were the radical environmentalists cheering?

Finally, Biden made it sound like the problem is with oil companies not drilling on 9,000 already-approved leases. That’s misleading, because:

A lease just opens a 10-year window on drilling rights and can extend beyond that. Just having a lease doesn’t mean drilling can begin immediately. Oil companies have to contract rigs to drill the wells. They have to secure rights-of-way with states and landowners. And they have to be sure that a well will be profitable and worth the investment.

Thousands of unused permits are extremely common and always exist.

The Alaska primary is Tuesday, August 16, 2022. The Chicago fundraiser for Kelly Tshibaka running for Alaska United States Senate will be Sunday, June 26, 2022 at 5:00pm at the Trump Tower in downtown Chicago.  The event is hosted by Scott Kaspar, Gary Franchi,  Michael Alfaro, Scott Seamon, & Jim Economos.  

For tickets go to this lin; https://secure.winred.com/kelly-for-alaska/k4a-chicago. Contact info at this email: [email protected]


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  1. It is hard to to excited about yet another ivy-league, living off the government D.C, insider type like Tshibaka. Look at her resume, do these people ever do a days honest work in their life?
    But no doubt Tshibaka is huge step up from Murkowski but so is a dead squirrel.
    So is Tshibaka still hiding her husband and still going to that kook church of hers or joined a normal one?
    Well we are stuck with her now, she will be a lifer she loves that government milk.

  2. An important reminder.
    For the first time, the Alaska U.S. senate primary election on August 16 will be a blanket top-4 primary where all candidates for U.S. Senate, regardless of party, appear on the same ballot, and top 4 vote getters advance to the November 8 general election.
    Strong possibility both Kelly Tshibaka and Senator Lisa Murkowski advance to the general, with 2 other candidates.
    Then, the general is a ranked-choice election among the 4 candidates.

  3. The answer is honestly “no”, they never do an honest days work in their lives. All the way down to the local level these swamp creatures who live for public office are just people unsuccessful in everyday life and run for office to push others around as a way to overcompensate.
    That said, FLM.

  4. Kelly and her husband founded a Foursquare Church. “On the denomination’s website, they claim that in 2021, it had 67,500 churches, with 8.8 million members in 150 countries.” Considering how liberal most of the “mainstream” denominations have become, this church is closer to traditional Christian, never mind Bible oriented, beliefs than most of the others. I’ve always been amazed how “conservatives” love to parrot the propaganda of the Uniparty whenever some real conservative challenges it.
    Yes, Vermont and Wyoming have less people than Alaska but not by much. From what I have seen of Alaska politics, the fact that Kelly is that conservative and has a good chance to win is a minor miracle. Unlike Mehmet Oz, Trump picked a good one here.

  5. The truth is Tshibaka is a nutter who literally speaks in tongues, normally we suggest people like that seek counsel from a mental health professional not run for Senate.
    She is still the best alternative, but even in Illinois I can hear the voices in her head.

  6. For clarity, Darren Bailey, Kristi Noem are examples of Cristian leaders I support who put the Lord first and foremost in their lives and draw strength from the Lord, but are not raving lunatics like Tshibaka about it.