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Thorner: Connect the Dots – What is going on?



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Lithium mining is endangered in the EU

By Nancy Thorner - 

It's well known that Biden canceled the Keystone Pipeline during his first days in office, thus setting in motion today's gas prices. 

But what about the following gems of information that are not widely known?

  • Western Europe’s largest fertilizer manufacturer, CF Industries, has announced it is closing down its UK manufacturing plant (in Chester) and moving administrative operations to the USA, following Western Europe’s “green” war against natural gas (which is necessary to manufacture nitrogen-based fertilizers). (CFindustries.com)
  • After ordering airlines to mandate forced mRNA vaccines on their pilots, the federal government is now threatening to “take action” against airlines for not having enough pilots. (The Epoch Times)
  • In a similar way, the Biden regime tells oil and gas producers they will all be shut down in 5 to 10 years, but that they should hurry up and produce more fuel right now — and shouldn’t be making any profits from it — because the Democrats don’t want to lose the mid-term elections due to people being unhappy about rising gas prices. (CNBC.com)

  • An over-pressurized pipe caused a massive explosion at one of the largest Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) hubs in America, which sends 70% of its exports to Europe. (EEnews.net) This explosion is eerily similar to what caused a massive explosion at the Philadelphia Energy Solutions refinery in 2019, which permanently shuttered that fuel refining operation. (CNBC.com)
  • Now, the Freeport LNG facility is going to be shut down for the entire rest of the year, taking about 20% of the LNG supply in North America offline. (EnergyNow.com)
  • Oil-hating, anti-civilization environmental groups are suing the Biden administration to try to shut down 3,500 oil and gas drilling permits in order to completely collapse all industry and infrastructure, leading to mass starvation and total collapse of society as we know it. (CNBC.com)
  • In the state of Washington, pro-vax, pro-mask, pro-abortion Gov. Jay Inslee is now openly warning his citizens to prepare for a summer of “blackouts, destruction, and death” while moving forward to shut down four hydroelectric dams, depriving the state of 8% of its current electricity supply. (ThePostMillennial.com)
  • Just when you thought you could “go green” and transition away from oil, the EU is about to declare lithium to be a “toxic substance,” which would devastate lithium mining, transportation, and manufacturing to create lithium batteries that power much of the green economy. Without lithium, there is no “green” infrastructure. (OilPrice.com)
  • Meanwhile, Union Pacific railroad has ordered a halt to carry diesel fuel and DEF that’s necessary for modern diesel engines, causing fuel outages at Flying J truck stops across the East Coast, including Florida. (NeedToKnow.news)
  • 96 examples that the food shortages are being created not predicted.


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  1. That’s the schitzoid Democrats for you.
    Maybe 15 percent of US voters are “greenies” with the crackpot agenda, but thanks to the Democrat/socialist “news media,” they have 80 percent of the loud mouth voice.

  2. Nice work, Nancy. Let’s close the NYT and use YOU as our “newspaper of record.”
    NYT. Y’know…. the home of Jayson “fiction news” Blair or Pulitzer winner Walter “I don’t see no stinkin’, starving kulaks in Stalin’s Ukraine” Duranty. Walter Duranty of The New York Times, engaged in deliberate lies to conceal the harsh realities of post-revolution Soviet life. In 1933, for instance, at the height of the Ukrainian famine (engineered by Stalin) during which millions starved to death, Duranty wrote that “village markets [were] flowing with eggs, fruit, poultry, vegetables, milk and butter…. A child can see this is not famine but abundance.”
    A British journalist writing in the progressive periodical New Republicdeclared that the Bolsheviks “stand for rationalism, for an intelligent system of cultivation, for education, for an active ideal of cooperation and social service.”
    Most leaders in the American labor movement – including Sidney Hillman and John L. Lewis – expressed deep admiration for “Soviet pragmatism,” Stalin’s “experiment,” and the “heroism” of the Bolsheviks.
    Upon returning from Russia in 1921, the muckraking journalist Lincoln Steffens announced: “I’ve seen the future, and it works.”

  3. It is so troubling to me that Democrats are not intelligent enough to boil sea water and filter the lithium out of the steam. That instead they have to make these holes in the ground and mine the lithium there.