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Feigenholtz features anti-Catholic image on Facebook page



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CHICAGO – Illinois state Senator Sara Feigenholtz (D-Chicago), has since deleted this profile from her Facebook page she reportedly posted shortly after the U.S. Supreme Court announced their decision on Dobbs last Friday.

However, the state lawmaker removed the controversial profile image of the Catholic pope holding a gun to the back of Lady Liberty's head without comment or issuing a public apology to the nearly 70 million Catholics that make up 21% of the US population.

Feigenholtz appeared in interviews to assure expectant mothers that Illinois will remain a safe place if they decide they'd rather not carry their preborn babies to birth.

Not only are abortions safe in Illinois, but any person qualifying for Medicaid will also get their abortions free – and health insurance companies are required to pay for them. And parents are not required to be notified before their minor daughters undergo this particular medical procedure.

More about Senator Feigenholtz HERE: https://www.senatorsara.com/ 



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  1. Not surprised, anyone who will murder unborn and just born babies will do anything. The definition of murder is the taking of an innocent life, there is not a more innocent life than that of an unborn or just born baby.
    The left likes to use the term abortion instead of killing babies, because it eases the consciences of pro-no choice for the baby.
    It’s crazy, that this country has an abortion issue because if the left saw someone kill a just born litter of puppies the witch hunt would be on! The intolerant, hateful, and violent left would be on display

  2. Horrible. Unfortunately this is Illinois so no chance this gets her voted out!!!!
    For goodness sake, are Illinois residents dumb? The recent SCOTUS ruling changed nothing in Illinois. It put the making of the law on abortion a State decision as it should be.