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Thorner: Christians revealed as top enemy of elites


By Nancy Thorner - 
What follows is almost unbelievable, yet undeniably true, as was documented in the June issue of World Net Daily’s critically acclaimed Whistleblower magazine, “Elites Finally Reveal Their #1 Enemy:  Christians.”
As stated in the article:  "While sexual-gender anarchy is exploding across the USA, the deranged Biden agenda from engineering an ever-expanding foreign invasion of the USA to destroying the nation’s fossil fuel industry, to bringing the U.S. to the brink of nuclear war with Russia, financial woes, cultural and sexual revolutionaries responsible for all of this chaos have finally dared to “come out” and publicly identify who they consider to be their biggest enemy. Christians." 
Your eyes didn’t deceive you.  It is Bible-believing, Judeo-Christian morals-affirming, Jesus-loving, Ten Commandments and Sermon on the Mount believers who are the real enemy!
The article goes on to describe the many tricky substitute names "euphemisms" for Christians that have been stealthily deployed: “white supremacists,” “conservative fascists,” “violent extremists,” “domestic terrorists.”
"Some of their attacks have been staggeringly idiotic, like officially branding parents as “domestic terrorists” for complaining at school board meetings about teachers indoctrinating their young children with Marxist critical race theory."
"Yet, fantastical and extreme as all this demonization of normal, traditional-American values, law-abiding Americans has been, the “progressive” ruling class has finally grown sufficiently brazen, deranged and desperate to openly admit their enemy."

The War on Christianity 
Although The War On Christianity by Rebecca Terrell appeared in the April 6, 2020 of The New American, it is still holds true today.
Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto expended a lot of red ink on the need to eradicate religion and family ties by any means necessary,” explains The New American contributor Charles Scaliger.  “And communism’s well-known hostility to God and family is shared by all other forms of socialism, although behind a kinder, gentler mask of ‘tolerance.’”
Accordingly, "the modern anti-Christian crusade we are witnessing in the United States is a textbook case of cultural Marxism’s “tolerance” in practice. “Radicals in America today don’t have the political power to execute religious people and destroy their houses of worship, yet they openly declare their desire to obliterate religion,” said Horowitz. “They want to save the human race from the social injustice and oppression that religion allegedly inflicts on humanity.”
Final thought
Taking back the House and the Senate in the Mid-term Elections from the radical and Socialist Left is essential for our Constitutional Republic to have a chance to survive.


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