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Millions of Americans hooked on Medicaid, food stamps — and Biden’s to blame



Unnamed (1)In recent weeks, President Biden has continued his longstanding and deceptive tradition of claiming his administration has ushered in an era of unprecedented economic growth.

Although it’s true that millions of jobs have been recovered since Biden entered the White House, few, if any, were the result of his administration’s efforts to “fix a broken COVID response” or the passage of the costly, inflation-inducing American Rescue Plan.

The vast majority of jobs recovered were the direct result of the development of COVID-19 vaccines – an achievement that occurred under the Trump administration, not Biden – and because state governments, not the White House, finally came to their senses in 2021 and reversed course on numerous draconian policies that had kept much of their economies closed throughout 2020.

Most importantly, Biden’s misleading claims make no mention of the myriad economic crises now brewing as a direct result of Democrats’ reckless policies, including the millions more Americans who are hooked on government welfare programs despite relatively low unemployment and more than 11 million job openings.



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