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The Left-wing Insurrection Intensifies




It’s only insurrection when the other side does it! For one and a half years, the Left and its media allies have peddled the narrative of a Republican insurrection. Meanwhile, Democrats and their supporters burn federal courthousesattack property rights and the rule of law, and now call the Supreme Court illegitimate after its ruling on Dobbs v. Jackson.

This isn’t just a few fringe voices. Prominent legal analysts and authors are calling the Court illegitimate. The chair of the Democrat National Committee has pulled out the bullhorn to condemn the Court. Writers at Teen Vogue, whatever one thinks of Teen Vogue, have also used their cultural clout and reach to spew their propaganda. The “mainstream” of the Democrat Party and their allies are calling the Court illegitimate; they have joined the very far-left that have been saying this for decades.

Insurrection is a violent uprising against legal authority with the intent to overthrow it. Of course, liberals won’t openly admit that what they advocate is insurrection. But that is, in essence, what the left is advocating.

By demonizing and attempting to delegitimize the Supreme Court, whose function is to uphold the Constitution and its rule of law, the Left intends to weaken the last bastion of American civil society and legal order to overthrow it. By eliminating the legitimacy of the Supreme Court, this will give the Left a blank check to open power to remake America and its laws in their image. It’s an insurrection and revolution in all but name.



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