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Thorner: Why We Are Stressed Out, In Case You Thought You Were Alone



640px-Headache-1557872_960_720By Nancy Thorner - 

A lot of us are feeling overwhelmed.  In addition to our jobs and kids, who can keep up with all that is happening in the realm of politics under the Biden/Harris Administration?

The following list, compiled over the last several weeks, at least tells me that I am justified in feeling overwhelmed and from time to time stressed out.

*An elected US president who is senile and unable to project a strong and favorable image of this nation to world leaders.
*The overrunning of our borders by illegals (one which raped a 10-year-old in Ohio). 
*The Soviet-style Jan. 6 congressional trial of people expressing their rights as citizens to protest.
*Crashing stocks and bond blowouts.

*Global recessions, rapidly plunging corporate earnings, the start of firings that may escalate.
*A global energy crisis.
*Collapsing cryptos.
*Crashing housing markets.
*Covid and the insane masking of our kids and isolation at home from the fake lockdowns.
*The even more fake monkeypox which is a 98% gay person disease with possible worldwide quarantines.  
*The squashing of legitimate protests in Canada by a corrupt Trudeau government, is now being repeated by the WEF.
*The massive number of food plant fires (average is ~20 yr.).  We are now over 100 with the year half gone, plus explosions at major natural gas plants.
*Multinational involvement in a Ukraine war. 
*The usual heat waves, widespread droughts, Lake Mead draining (is the government possibly making this worse?).
*Brownouts, blackouts, and burnouts.
*Political riots on the US Capitol steps.
*Interest rates rising, food prices, 30 trillion in debt now in the US, the possible loss of the USD as reserve currency (the BRICS just introduced a competing resource/gold-backed alternative).
*The takeover of our lives by the Bond villain Klaus Schwab and former Nazi collaborator George Soros.
*The outright LIES by Pfizer and Big Pharma.
*The rise of what can best be called Fasco-Marxists.
*The sell-out of school administration to the woke gestapo.
*Crime in the streets engendered by the absence of fathers.
*The massive drop in church attendance.
*Endocrine disrupting PFAS in our cooking and food items.  PFAS chemicals can affect our biology by mimicking fatty acids—the building blocks of fat in our bodies as well as the foods we eat. They also act as endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), due to their ability to interfere with hormone systems. 
*Going into a recession.  Then following Larry Summers’ latest advice and hit everyone with tax increases to punish the populace for inflation during such distressing times.
*The declaration of new stringent measures for the new pox upon us, led by the unelected WHO, who could then declare another global health emergency that ought to pretty well destroy the tatters that remain of the global economy and of human psyches in time for the planned Great Reset.
*Add to that children being taught they cannot tell if they are a boy or a girl.
*An ostensibly female Supreme Court justice celebrated as being the first Black woman on the court, even as she tells us “they” have no idea what a woman is."
*A sudden plethora of newly created genders with requirements to use newly created bastardized pronouns.
*People being fired if they don’t use those pronouns, and you add a level of social confusion and conflict heretofore unseen by humankind.
Trump speaks at Washington Summit
Donald Trump delivered the closing address during the America First summit in Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, July 26, 2022, where Republicans Forged a Vision For the Future.
Watch Trump here. Trump comes on stage at the 8:00 mark.
It was Trump's first time back in Washington, D.C. since he left office.
Final thought
This nation is no longer respected or listened to.  She has been brought to its knees.  The American dream has been torn to shreds. 
The American people must reject Democrats and come together in November to take back the U.S. Congress, and hopefully also the Senate, for we won't have a country unless this happens in November.
With success in November, Republicans must work to reinstate America First policies without delay.


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