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IL’s 16th CD Republican US House member Kinzinger tweets …




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  1. WHY the Hell do you bother to quote ANYTHING which that RINO Kinzinger “tweets?”
    He will be GONE soon, unless he gets appointed to some Democrat post, or becomes a lobbyist.
    “Trumpism destroys souls?” What a line of crap.

  2. I am counting the days until Adam kinzinger vacates our Congressional office. I will be so thrilled when he is no longer a representative. I wish he would move to Mexico or somewhere else since he seems to hate the American citizenry he’s supposed to represent. Maybe he would be happier in another country!

  3. Aaron Kinzinger is an embarrassment. It was obvious from his first run that he was being promoted by others. His media image is all carefully managed because of his shortness. But he was given a pass because of his parent’s background (sincerely good people) and he said he was pro-life. That was the end of inquiry for most folks.
    It was pretty obvious that he was an establishment from the get go. He used Tea Party voters to get elected. Then he supported Jeb! and then Marco Rubio before not endorsing anyone in the 2016 Presidential election. And he expects people to think he has political courage?
    No one looks up to him. He deserves no respect. He can’t even exit gracefully, hence his language in the tweet above. How about shutting up and politically expiring like the aviator you are supposed to be?