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Rossi: Is Dr. Fauci’s Retirement Announcement Days After CDC Admits It “Botched” Covid a Coincidence?



Anthony_Fauci_2020By Randy Rossi – 

I hope that a majority of informed Americans know it was not a coincidence that Dr. Fauci who was the “face” of the government’s response to the Covid pandemic just announced that he will retire in December just a few days after Dr. Walenski, the Director of the CDC, admitted after an internal audit that the CDC grossly mismanaged its response to the Covid pandemic and had to completely reorganize itself.

Dr. Fauci played a huge role in how the CDC handled Covid and was the key medical advisor to both President Trump and President Biden. Because of Dr. Fauci’s constant “flip-flopping” on how to handle Covid, President Trump said he would fire Dr. Fauci if he was re-elected. But Dr. Fauci dodged that bullet when Biden won and didn’t have to pay the consequences for that constant flip-flopping and the damage he caused to millions of Americans for his horrible advice on how to handle Covid.

But now that the CDC admits it grossly mismanaged Covid and said “The CDC made some pretty public mistakes and we need to own them” and “We gave confusing and overwhelming guidance” that hurt millions of Americans, Dr. Fauci now knows that he can no longer “dodge the bullet” for his terrible medical advice.

First, Dr. Fauci told America that we didn’t need to wear masks and then he did a 180 degree turn and said we need to wear them virtually all the time. Then he refused to admit that his association with China and the US dollars he shared with them may have resulted in Covid being developed in those Chinese labs in Wuhan which then leaked Covid either on purpose or accidentally and then killed millions of people around the world. Fauci took credit for the economic and school shutdowns claiming that they saved millions of American lives but now we know that is not true. If anything, we now know that over 50 million children of school age have suffered life-long mental health and education damage that will hurt them for the rest of their lives because of those school shutdowns. The fact is that out of over 74 million children in America under 18, only 1,201 died with Covid, not of Covid. A John Hopkins study proved that 100% of kids that died with Covid had lethal serious diseases like cancer and Leukemia and their conclusion was “not one healthy child under 18 died from Covid!”. Yet Dr. Fauci, the CDC, and the teachers unions kicked them all out of school and caused massive and unneeded pain and suffering. Out of the 1,031,144 Americans that died from Covid over the last 2 years, only 1,201 kids died with Covid. More kids die from drowning and car accidents each year yet we kicked them all out of school!! As the Great Barrington Declaration told us almost 2 years ago, older people 65 and older were the major age group at risk from Covid. The facts we now know are that people 65 and over who make up 16.8% of the US population make up 769,656 or 74.6% of the 1,031,144 US Covid deaths. Kids 17 and under who make up 22.2% of the US population only make up 0.1% of deaths with Covid, not from Covid.

The facts definitely say that the CDC and Dr. Fauci definitely got it wrong and caused massive and unnecessary pain and suffering to over 74 million children by kicking them out of school and hiding them in their basements which has caused massive mental health and education damage that will last their life-times. As I said, now that the truth is coming out and the CDC admits that they grossly mismanaged the Covid response with Dr. Fauci’s influence, Dr. Fauci has decided to retire by the end of the year to duck responsibility for this disaster. Don’t feel too sorry for Dr. Fauci because he made a lot of money from the drug companies that made those Covid vaccines that were not as effective as promised for stopping the spread of Covid. This whole Covid disaster has caused massive damage to millions of Americans and the credibility of the medical institution. And Dr. Fauci was a major part of that disaster. The only good news is that he will no longer be able to hurt America after this December when he retires.


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