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Thorner: Just what is expected of 78,000 new IRS agents?


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By Nancy Thorner – 
The recent $770 billion Inflation Reduction Act will double the size of the IRS and authorize it to hire up to 87,000 additional employees, given its additional $80 billion in funding. The IRS currently has 93,654 employees.  Last year their budget was $12.6 billion. 
On August 10th, National Review exposed the job listing for new agents “willing to use deadly force,” after which the IRS pulled the job post.
Open the Books investigation showed that by 2019 the agency had spent over 20 million on guns, ammo, and military style equipment
Just how much more will $80 billion purchase?
Watch the alleged IRS “training” video here:

Elites and the middle class
What are all those new armed agents going to do?  Their targets are defined as domestic terrorists. The DOJ classifies them as conservatives and Trump supporters along with parents who are unhappy with what is happening in the government controlled public schools.
The elite want the middle class destroyed.  Losing 46% of small businesses during COVID, the Antifa and BLM riots wasn’t enough for them.  What is left of America’s small businesses will be a new target, and the harassment will be endorsed and promoted by Biden’s weaponized agencies.  They are coming after those earning $400K or less.  Small businesses operate on a tight marginal basis, not having the ability to survive a full up audit.
In his August 7, 2022 article, John Hinderacker of Power Line believes that the new hires will be used like Lois Lerner was doing, going after conservative 501(c)(3) groups and political campaigns in order to shift the political wars in the democrats’ favor.  Lois Lerner ended up being a test run, a successful test run congressional democrats just turned into a business model.
Most law-abiding citizens know they have something to fear from a state agency that doesn’t concern itself with due process, has no regard for your privacy and is empowered to target anyone it wants without any genuine oversight.
Biden’s enemy list
Trump allies and constitutional conservatives are the enemies of the illegitimate neo-Marxist collectivists.  Aaron Kliegman’s August 17th article in John Solomon’s Just the News documents the blacklisting of conservatives who have been targeted by the DOJ.
From Mike Flynn to Rudy Giuliani, from Roger Stone and Paul Manafort, to Peter Navarro and Steve Bannon, a long list of Trump allies and Biden critics have been probed, raided, handcuffed, charged, and jailed by the Justice Department.
John Solomon’s June 6th article chronicled the two-tiered justice system.  In just one comparison, Eric Holder escaped punishment of contempt of congress charges for not complying with a congressional subpoena in the Fast and Furious scandal and his own DOJ department failed to prosecute him. Ten years later, academic Peter Navarro “was handcuffed and shackled after being indicted for contempt of Congress for refusing to comply with a congressional subpoena.”
Worse yet, those who supported our 45th president and went to the January 6th 2021 rally are excoriated as lawbreakers in what was called an insurrection worse than Pearl Harbor and 9/11.  John Solomon’s January 26, 2022 article tells us, “Trump gave the order to ‘make sure’ January 6 rally was ‘safe event,’ Pentagon memo shows.”
Former career federal prosecutor, David Sullivan said the entire January 6th hearings lacked an accountability process and that both the Justice Department and congressional hearings raised questions of fairness and gave viewers a reason to tune out what proved to be “very scripted” interrogations. Mr. Sullivan even called the hearings “Stalinist.”
American Tyranny
John Guandolo stated the following in his August 10, 2022 article on his website, Understanding the Threat: “The Stalinist tactics should not surprise us.  Why?”
This is the same federal government that:
  • Put America in debt to the tune of over $30 TRILLION dollars.
  • Let over 100,000 illegals into America each month while paying them and transporting them across America on the tax payer dime.
  • Funds the Iranian regime so it can develop a nuclear weapon.
  • Funds and supports terrorists of Al Qaeda, Hamas, the Taliban and others.
  • Supported the Chinese communist Black Lives Matter organization as it burned down American cities and killed American citizens on the streets.
  • Told us “There is no organized Antifa” while Antifa burned down American cities and killed American citizens.
  • Illegally electronically surveilled the President of the United States, his family and his staff with no prosecutions after 6 years.
  • Calls the MAGA Movement “the most dangerous political movement in American history” and targets Patriots for prosecution and persecution while wittingly lets felons free from jail and fails to prosecute high government officials for treason, sedition, and other crimes.
 The list will continue to expand during the presidency of Joe Biden.
For it is the enemies of freedom that have created America’s Gestapo security force. 
Americans must fight back if this nation’s Constitutional Republic is to survive the present onslaught by those who wish to destroy our country and its Constitution.


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