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Thorner: USA Money From Thin Air!


Screen Shot 2022-08-10 at 10.21.46 AMBy Nancy Thorner – 
My posted article about inflation was excerpted from an excellent original report dated 8/7/22, “The US Fed Created Fifty Percent More Money Out Of Thin Air In Two Years Than Ever Existed in The Previous 256 Years”, as it recently appeared on the website of a good friend, Annette Greco Meisner.
The USA is staring down the barrel of a four-decade high inflation rate, an inverted yield curve, and the highest debt levels in its history. The corruption, insider deal-making & open disregard for truth in Washington DC are beyond shameless. If Fascism is defined as “the perfect merger of the state & corporate powers”, (see Mussolini circa 1936 Mussolini), then the USA may still be the land of the brave, but it no longer feels like the land of the free.

As for American foreign policies having failed to deliver “freedom and democracy” from Vietnam, Egypt, Iraq, Libya, Syria & Afghanistan at the cost of America’s best sons & daughters, one wonders why we’ve spent over $60B to bring “freedom” to a nation run by a puppet thug and former sitcom actor who made the cover of Vogue magazine in between censoring the press & jailing political opponents = Ukraine.
Does the US, with over 800 military bases in 70 countries actively seek war, or does it seek peace?
Has the military-industrial complex, against which in 1961 President Eisenhower warned, become more about distraction, debt & dollars than freedom, defense & democracy?  
The current “Inflation Adjustment Act of 2022” now sitting on Biden’s desk seeks to add even further spending with money America does not have & which the White House assures won’t be inflationary. [..]
Things now cost more because the grotesquely inflated/de-valued dollar buys less. Between 1776 & the un-immaculate conception of the Fed in 1913 (against which Jefferson, Jackson & even Wilson argued), a USD was once a dollar. However, since 1913 a USD is really (worth) nothing more than 5 pennies. The reason is when a central bank creates trillions of those dollars out of thin air with no link to an underlying real asset; that dollar is nothing more than a symbol of broken faith rather than a store of genuine value. [..]  With inflation in the USA already at 9.1%, this would require the Fed to follow the IMF’s recommendation that interest rates be at least 1% above inflation rates to reach “neutral,” which in an honest world would require a 10.1% interest rate environment (it was 14+% in the 80s under Jimmy Carter 14% Interest.
The Fed appears to be openly lying about negative real rates. …The latest lie from on high, of course, is the valiant attempt by Powell, Biden & Yellen to downplay two consecutive quarters of negative GDP as non-recessionary despite such data effectively confirming the very definition of a recession. Given all the failings & open lies … why on earth would the US now be so reckless in saber rattling over Ukraine and pinching the Chinese bear in Taiwan and Putin in Russia? Is it because we, as a nation, just love to spread democracy & freedom helping the underdog whatever the sacrifice? Despite warnings from President Geo Washington, the US has spent a lot of time-fighting outside its borders rather than building unity within them.
Why do it?
Well, Wall Street & the defense contractors who lobby DC love a good war because war tends to feed US markets, as conflicts overseas lead to massive capital flows into the relative safety of the US as we sacrifice our children who fight them. [..]
  • Was the recent idea of sending a kindergarten-level intellect like Kamala Harris to negotiate peace with Putin in early 2021 just a dumb idea, or was it more deliberately set up to fail?
  • Was Pelosi’s recent flight to Taiwan a sign of spreading freedom? A stupid idea? Or is there a more sinister, yet hidden, motive to push for war in a time of the economic disaster at home?
  • Is it possible that the openly failing inflation, recessionary, domestic & foreign policies are more than just a list of stupid mistakes, but symptoms of a set-up for something more sinister?
  • Are our markets, economies, currencies & individual freedoms about to be sacrificed to the altar of order, control, safety & security?
  • Is DC creating an intentional class of American lords & serfs, in which the former hand out stimulus checks to prevent the latter from reaching for pitch forks?​
As we learned in the Europe of the 1930s or the lockdowns of the 2020s – fear is a potent tool of control — it turns revolutionary anger into malleable subservience. Governments can pretend to offer solutions when in fact they are merely creating dependence out of chaos and fear they privately engineer.


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  1. Former SOCOM Lt. Colonel and DEA agent, turned whistle blower Jeffrey Prather, thinks that Pelosi trip to Taiwan was a “dangle” to divert attention to biolabs (like the ones in Ukraine everyone said was conspiracy theory, until Victoria Nuland directly said they were there when questioned by Sen. Rubio… but claiming they were defensive) in Indonesia.
    Is this so? Worth considering. Prather is jeffrey prather if you look for his website.