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Pekau criticizes Lightfoot’s handling on Texas immigrants



ORLAND PARK – Elk Grove Village, Burr Ridge 


According to a WGN report, migrants from the southern border were moved to a Burr Ridge Hampton Inn and a Holiday Inn in Countryside after Mayor Lightfoot complained about them being moved into Chicago from Texas. 

Keith Pekau, mayor of Orland Park and a candidate for Congress (IL-06), issued the following statement on the situation:

“It goes without saying that we should treat the immigrants in our communities with compassion. Bussing them from place to place is not compassionate, and only adds to the anxiety of their situation. Lori Lightfoot – who presides over a sanctuary city in a sanctuary county in a sanctuary state – preaches love and tolerance, until 100 migrants show up in her city. Then she ships them off to the suburbs. 

“In many cases, these migrants have been victimized themselves. They should be treated humanely. The situation on the southern border is a humanitarian crisis causing misery for everyone who is touched by it. We need to be clear about why It exists: because of the open-borders policies of Sean Casten and Joe Biden. Women and children are trafficked over the border. The fentanyl flowing into our communities largely comes into the country via the southern border.

“It’s a crisis that must be addressed with a far greater degree of urgency and sincerity than it has been by the Biden Administration, which- according to an Inspector General’s report – has not even properly screened migrants for COVID when they enter the country.

“Joe Biden, Lori Lightfoot and Sean Casten expect local communities to deal with another crisis they created. The truth is, however, it’s the lawlessness that they have fostered through their insane policy agenda that is truly inhumane and utterly lacking in any real compassion.” 


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