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Thorner: Does Illinois’ ‘Safe-T Act’ Represent “Fairness and Equity?”



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Illinois was a topic on the popular Fox News’ Gutfeld show Friday night

By Nancy Thorner – 

The Safety, Accountability, Fairness and Equity-Today Act, known as the SAFE-T Act, passed with the backing of the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus in the early hours of Jan. 13, 2021.

The measure passed on razor-thin majorities in the lame duck session of 2021, which led to a brief effort by Republican super minorities to repeal the act that ultimately fell flat.

The bill was signed by Governor Pritzker and supported by Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx. 

The broad-ranging measure abolishes cash bail beginning in January 1, 2023, reforms police training, certification, and use-of-force standards, expands detainee rights, and requires body cameras at all departments by 2025.

Proponents say the reforms are a step toward making the justice system equitable and fair for Black, Latino, and minority communities who have been disproportionately harmed by it.

In a phone interview with Capitol News Illinois, House chair of the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus, Rep. Kam Buckner, D-Chicago, said the SAFE-T Act was the “first stab” at addressing public safety issues and police distrust in minority communities.  

Check here to find what all is included in the Safe T Act omnibus bill. 
Controversial Cash bail provision
“One of the more controversial provisions of the bill abolishes cash bail in Illinois and replaces it with a system that will prioritize the severity of an offense, the risk of not appearing for court and the threat and danger the individual poses to another person or the community if they were to be released.”
“The SAFE-T Act states that all defendants shall be presumed eligible for pretrial release unless prosecutors present clear and convincing evidence to deny the suspect pretrial release, such as proof that the suspect committed the crime and poses a threat to the physical safety of a “specific, identifiable” person.”
“Although the provision does not go into effect until Jan. 1, 2023, opponents claim it will allow “dangerous and violent criminals” back on the street by tying the hands of prosecutors who seek to keep the accused individuals incarcerated before a conviction.”
State Rep. Jim Durkin opines
In a Chicago Tribune opinion commentary of September 9, 2022, The SAFE-T Act gives drug cartels free rein in Illinois, State Rep. Jim Durkin of Western Springs further opines about the cash bail provision of the SAFE-T Act.  Durkin represents Illinois’ 82nd District, is the House Republican leader, and is also a former assistant Cook County state’s attorney.   
“This past summer, Gov. J.B. Pritzker claimed: “Illinois is leading the way in addressing the war on drugs as no state has before.” In reality, with his signature on the misnamed SAFE-T Act, Pritzker and his legislative partners have opened up Illinois to drug cartels and traffickers like never before.”
“The elimination of cash bail will have wide-ranging consequences throughout our criminal justice system.”
“Starting Jan. 1, those accused of being large-scale smugglers, traffickers or distributors may end up not being detained or subject to a bond hearing. Suspected street gang and cartel members could be released immediately. The courts will have to tell them to follow the honor system and attend their next scheduled appearance. What are the chances of that?”
“In addition, if they don’t show up, the court has to give them another opportunity to appear before issuing a warrant. This catch-and-release policy will not make our streets and borders safer. Instead, it will perpetuate the trade of gangs and drug dealers.”
Darren Bailey talks public safety and SAFE-T act
One day after Labor Day, gubernatorial candidates Gov. J. B. Pritzker and GOP challenger Darren Bailey campaigned in downstate Illinois to talk public safety.
Bailey, a state Republican senator from Xenia and gubernatorial candidate, held his Tuesday afternoon press conference at the Crowne Plaza in Springfield where he castigated Pritzker for rising crime rates and for “handcuffing” law enforcement in their response.      
“We won’t have peace in Illinois until we fire JB Pritzker,” said Bailey, as he stood before a backdrop of law enforcement officers.
 Bailey about the SAFE-T Act:  “No cash bail practically already exists in Chicago”.   If elected governor,  Bailey wants to repeal the act as one of his law enforcement priorities.
“When (Cook County State’s Attorney) Kim Foxx refuses to prosecute, essentially, no cash bail already exists now,” Bailey said, calling her, Pritzker, and Mayor Lori Lightfoot the “three musketeers of crime, chaos, and tragedy.”
“When this is released all across the state, the whole state is going to face the same mayhem that Chicago has.”
National attention by News-Max host Rob Schmitt
The SAFE-T Act received national attention on Friday, September 9, 2022, when on Rob-Schmitt-Tonight, a NewsMax weekday cable show, host Rob Schmitt asked New Lexox mayor, Tim Baldermann, What happens to your state, to your village once the SAFE-T bill goes into effect?  Mayor Baldermann’s response appears at the 6:09 central time mark
In conclusion
The SAFE-T Act is already destroying Illinois and must be repealed, even though no cash bail doesn’t go into effect until Jan. 1, 2023.
According to Will County State’s Attorney Jim Glasgow, “640 people in the Will County jail …all will have their bonds extinguished on Jan. 1 and 60 are charged with murder.” 
Check this link to hear Mayor Keith Pekau of Orland Park talk about the dangerous and misnamed SAFE-T Act.
Let Governor Pritzker know what you think about the SAFE-T Act by contacting his office at 217-782-6830.  Demand the repeal of the SAFE-T Act!


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