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Di Leo: Have Democrats Lost Interest in the Working Man?



By John F. Di Leo – 

We grew up being told that the Democrats were the party of the working man.  

Right or wrong, generations were raised with that belief.  The white collar and gray collar might be either Republican or Democrat – there were always professions that skewed either way – but blue collar?  That was Democrat to the core.

Looking at today’s America, however, it’s hard to see how the American worker – no matter what color collar he or she wears – can see today’s Democrat party as anything but an enemy.

The Biden-Harris regime began – Day One – with a flurry of executive orders, cancelling the contracts in place for ongoing work on the Keystone XL pipeline.  Most were union construction jobs.  Thousands of workers were thrown out of work on the spot – no notice, no severance – just because the incoming regime’s green agenda didn’t square with the idea of a pipeline moving Canadian fuel southward.  In state after state along the route, materials were left sitting where they were, work unfinished, people fired and forced to move elsewhere to find new jobs.

And speaking of moving elsewhere… also among that flurry of executive orders were cancellations of existing permits for drilling on federal lands. And even more so, the hiring of federal bureaucrats – the top tier in every agency are always political hires – with the orders to slow-walk future permit applications…

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