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IL GOP Establishment Views Grassroots as Steerage, 3rd Class Citizens



By Illinois Review

Like in the blockbuster hit movie Titanic, the IL GOP establishment enjoy their first class cabins with panoramic views of the ocean – dining on foie gras, raw oysters, Waldorf pudding and sipping on expensive wine.

Meanwhile, the third class citizens – the conservative grassroots base of the party – are in the “steerage” below deck, living in dormitory-style housing eating vegetable stew, boiled potatoes, with views of the engine and boiler rooms.

And when the Titanic sank off the frigid waters of the North Atlantic Ocean in 1912, 76 percent of the third class citizens died. Only 39 percent of the first-class passengers would perish.

There’s no mistaking – the IL GOP is a country club full of first-class cabins where members brag about who they know and talk about all the money they’ve donated to the Republican party. And if you haven’t given any money, or very little, they belittle you.

“We can’t or shouldn’t complain if we haven’t given money…” writes former state central committee member and supporter of the Richard Irvin campaign for governor, Lynn O’Brien.

“Why not point out his individual contributions to the GOP?…Whoever wrote this article, I guarantee, has not donated as much as Mr Tracy has to GOP causes…” writes GOP establishment supporter Darlene.

“I should find a less expensive passion,” writes IL GOP national committeeman Richard Porter, who’s law firm, where is a senior partner, has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the last couple of years.

But while the grassroots cannot compete with donations, they certainly outnumber the establishment in terms of supporters. And look no further than the primary election results where the grassroots-backed candidate Darren Bailey defeated the establishment-backed Richard Irvin by 42 points despite spending $50 million on the race.

All the political connections and money in the world couldn’t save Richard Irvin’s race – and the grassroots were proven to be unbeatable when matched up against the establishment.

On Thursday evening, the IL GOP is hosting a Christmas Party Fundraiser at Carlucci’s in Rosemont – and for $5,000 you can co-host. Otherwise, individual tickets are $100 per person and $150 per couple.

Only the establishment can take a holiday like Christmas, and convert it into a fundraiser.

And after the embarrassing defeats on election day, the GOP should be building bridges with fellow Republicans with a free reception instead of hosting a fundraiser at a price point that cuts out hardworking, grassroots activists.

But this is not accidental – it’s on purpose.

And while the establishment rallies around embattled chair Don Tracy, who’s family-owned business, where is an owner, donated to Biden and ‘Never Trumpers’ in 2020, the real voice of the party – the grassroots, are demanding change at the top.

And what does the establishment do? They ignore the grassroots.

The establishment can learn from the grassroots. And as SMurray commented,

“The 3-T’s of being a good party member are TIME, TREASURE, and TALENT. Not everyone can give money, but just because they can give money does not make them somehow better than someone who gives the time (volunteering and doorknocking, especially) or the talent.”

Third class citizens they are not – the future of the party, they are.


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  1. SMurray is spot on! There are many sincere Republican volunteers who hold full-time jobs, raise families, participate in their respective communities and thus may not have ready cash to donate tothe very candidates for whom they have already donated time and talent. What kind of message about “money” from the Republican Lords of the Manor is going to attract traditionally non-Republican voters in Democrat areas and communities? It’s a terrible message. Sometimes I think that the Illinois Republican Party has a secret, spectral adviser— Marie Antoinette.