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Gun Owners Rally Second Amendment Rights in Springfield



The Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day (IGOLD) is the most important demonstration of citizens promoting gun owners’ rights in the United States. On March 29, 2023, gun owners from across Illinois gathered at the state Capitol in Springfield to rally for their Second Amendment rights.

Organized by the Illinois State Rifle Association (ISRA), IGOLD is a powerful display of solidarity and strength among gun owners. This year’s event was especially significant as it was held just months after Governor JB Pritzker signed into law a ban on assault-style weapons and high capacity magazines.

The crowd that marched through Springfield was a diverse one – men and women, young and old, white, black and all races , all united by their commitment to protecting their Second Amendment rights. Many carried signs with slogans like “We’re Not Going Away” and “My Rights Don’t End Where Your Feelings Begin.” Others wore shirts emblazoned with the ISRA logo or waved flags representing their favorite pro freedom slogans.

At the Capitol Building, speakers addressed the crowd with passionate speeches about why they believe in protecting gun rights. They spoke of personal stories of how guns have saved lives and how they are essential for self-defense. They also discussed how responsible gun ownership can help reduce crime rates and promote public safety.

Tom Shafer, one of the event organizers, said he was pleased with the turnout this year: “It’s heartening to see so many people come out to support our cause,” he said. “We need to make sure our voices are heard loud and clear – we won’t be silenced!”

Jed Davis, Chapin Rose, Marty Mclaughlin, Chris Miller, Blaine Wilhour, Adam Niemerg, and others speaking to the crowd about the importance of the Second Amendment.

The day ended with participants heading into the Capitol Building to discuss Gun Rights with their representatives. The participants also celebrated their success in standing up for their rights. As they dispersed, many vowed to continue fighting for what they believe in – that everyone has an inherent right to bear arms and protect themselves from harm.

Illinois Gun Owner Lobby Day 2023 was an inspiring display of unity among gun owners across the state who are committed to defending their Second Amendment rights no matter what obstacles may arise. It is clear that these individuals will not be silenced or intimidated – they will continue to fight for what they believe in until justice is served!


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