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Chicago Police Department Issues Carjacking Alerts as City Prepares to Host 2024 Democratic National Convention Amid Police Officer Shortage



By Illinois Review

As the City of Chicago prepares to host the 2024 Democratic National Convention and welcome over 50,000 visitors – including the nation’s top political leaders and donors, the Chicago Police Department is issuing alerts warning local residents about a string of recent carjackings that’s plaguing the city.

During the week of April 24th, there was a string of seven carjackings across Chicago, including one in Lincoln Park, that has terrified residents and visitors alike, as armed men wearing masks terrorize their victims.

In one incident, a witness told police that they could hear a woman screaming for help as armed men approached and stole her vehicle – leaving the witness heartbroken and traumatized by a memory that will haunt them forever.

In another incident, the carjackers fired shots as the victim tried to flee.

And to make matters worse, since 2019, the Chicago Police Department is hemorrhaging officers as burnt out cops quit, retire or relocate to other departments in the suburbs where political leadership are more supportive of the police.

According to the Chicago Department of Human Resources, over 3,300 police officers have left the department since 2019.

During that same time frame, only 1,600 officers were hired – leaving the city with a massive police shortage.

In 2021, it was reported that over 400,000 “high priority” 9-1-1- calls went unanswered in the City of Chicago because no police were available to respond to the calls.

A “high priority” call includes,

“assault or battery in progress;”

“person with a gun;”

“person shot;”

“person stabbed;”

And “shots fired.”

If guests are worried about their safety while visiting Chicago for the Democratic National Convention in 2024 – they should be – because if Gov. JB Pritzker and Illinois Democratic leaders show our visitors the same amount of respect that they’ve shown residents and tourists the last couple of years – they should be very afraid.

After all, according to some Democratic leaders here in Illinois, rioting, looting and terrorizing residents and visitors is nothing more than a “mass protest.”

And while crime and carjackings continue to dominate the city, visitors in 2024 will be paying big bucks to attend the convention.

Individual Package deals to attend the 2024 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.

Illinois Review has learned that individual packages for the convention range from $82,600 to $1 million.

Contribute $82,600 and you get one room at a DCCC hotel and two tickets to events.

Contribute $250,000 and you get one room at a DCCC hotel and four tickets to events.

Contribute $500,000 and you get preferred booking for two rooms at a DCCC hotel and eight tickets to events.

And contribute $1 million and you get one premium room booking and one preferred room booking at a DCC hotel and ten tickets to events.

However, ticket prices do not include a complimentary bullet proof vest or carjacking alarm if you choose to rent a vehicle. In that sense, you’re on your own.

Good luck – and enter at your own risk.


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