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AM 560 Radio Host Mark Vargas Resigns in Disgust After Weekday Host Shaun Thompson’s Vile Rant Calling Black and Right Co-Host a “Moron with the Taffy Apple Head,” in Racist, Hate-Filled Segment Saturday Night



By Illinois Review

Mark Vargas, host of Mark My Words on AM 560 The Answer, resigned late Tuesday afternoon after weekday host Shaun Thompson went on a vile, racist rant after calling-into Black and Right this past Saturday evening, calling co-host Verlon Galloway a “moron with the taffy apple head,” as the two sparred over the US debt-ceiling deal, which President Joe Biden signed into law earlier in the day on Saturday.

AM 560 radio host Shaun Thompson angrily calls Black and Right co-host a “moron with the taffy apple head” during Saturday’s show.

In his resignation letter addressed to the station, Vargas wrote,

“As a minority, I was shocked to hear Shaun Thompson, host of The Shaun Thompson Show, call into Black and Right Radio this past Saturday evening and spew despicable and racist rhetoric aimed at co-host Verlon Galloway – referring to him as a ‘moron with the taffy apple head.

This vile and disgusting behavior does not represent my values. The phone calls and texts that I have received over the last few days only echo the shock and disgust that I felt while listening to Saturday’s show. It’s hard to listen too – and for very good reason.”

Moments before Thompson phoned into Saturday’s show, Galloway stated that it’s too risky to not pass the debt ceiling, given the state of the economy and all the global debt.

A copy of Mark Vargas’ resignation letter.

Galloway then gave a number for the debt that included US national debt and private debt – triggering Thompson to go on a hate-filled, vile rant.

Rather than having a conversation like an adult to discuss serious issues facing our country like the debt, Thompson, instead, tore into Galloway – leveling personal attacks and repeatedly calling him “stupid” and a “moron.”

Thompson continued his hate-filled rant aimed directly at Galloway, telling the co-host, “you’re a disgrace, you shouldn’t go near a microphone, you’re too stupid.”

AM 560 radio host Shaun Thompson tells Black and Right co-host he’s a “disgrace” and he’s too “stupid” for radio during Saturday’s show.

But Thompson wasn’t done attacking Galloway live on air, even going a step further and telling the black co-host, “80 percent of you people are morons; 80 percent of you idiots who pretend to be Republican.”

AM 560 radio host Shaun Thompson tells Black and Right host, “80 percent of you people are morons” during Saturday’s show.

Even telling Galloway at one point during the segment, “Do me a favor, go back to the Democrats where you belong…go back to the Democrats moron…”

AM 560 radio host Shaun Thompson tells Black and Right co-host to “go back to the Democrats where you belong” during Saturday’s show.

The attack prompted Galloway to shout back, “Never been a Democrat…I’ve never been one!”

As Vargas pointed out in his resignation letter,

“It’s one thing to create a brand insulting people – it can, if done right, result in entertaining radio – but Shaun’s behavior crossed every line. A spirited debate and disagreement on the issues can be spirited and entertaining – but never hateful. But Shaun was anything but spirited. In fact, he was vile.”

Vargas then concluded his letter by saying,

“And while Shaun continues to be one of the most promoted and celebrated on-air radio personalities at the station, I cannot in good conscience continue hosting my radio show, sharing a microphone and a studio with an individual that’s so full of anger – and can say such terrible things. Therefore, I resign, effective immediately.”

Vargas’ resignation was immediately accepted by station management who stated, “Thank you for sharing your concerns with us. Thank you for your contributions you made to the station over the past two years.”

As an American of Mexican descent, Vargas has experienced and witnessed racism firsthand. And his father, who is a truck driver, still experiences it – even today.

Over the past two years, Vargas has welcomed a string of high-profile guests to his Sunday evening radio show, including former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani; former New York City Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik – who was in charge of the NYPD on September 11, 2001; Newsmax host Eric Bolling; Dinesh D’Souza; famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz; President Trump senior advisor Jason Miller; longtime Trump confidante Roger Stone; Civil Rights leader Alveda King, niece of the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.; former US Gen. David Petraeus; and Hollywood actor Terrence Howard.

Michael Reagan, son of former US President Ronald Reagan joined Vargas on the anniversary of D-Day, calling into the show from Normandy where they were commemorating his father’s address at Pointe du Hoc.

Reagan also called into Vargas’ show from the Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley, California, where they were celebrating President Reagan’s 111th birthday.

Thompson was live on air on Monday just two days after his hate-filled weekend rant, hosting his Chicago-based show from Naples, Florida, where he lives a majority of the time. Both Thompson and Chicago Morning Answer host Dan Proft share the Naples studio, where Proft now lives full time after selling his downtown Chicago condo and purchasing a home close to the beach in southwest Florida.

When he’s not on Chicagoland airwaves during the weekdays, Thompson, a Florida-based realtor, runs his Naples real estate firm.

Shaun Thompson’s Naples, Florida-based real estate firm. During the weekdays, Thompson hosts a Chicago-based radio show from his Naples studio.

In addition to his role as editor-in-chief of Illinois Review, Vargas will continue to make appearances on Newsmax TV, and he’ll continue to write for his Newsmax column called The Potomac Perspective.


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  1. I applaud Mark’s decision. Anybody who has listened to Shaun from EP for even a few minutes knows that his show is nothing but unhinged angry rants and personal attacks against people who have an opinion different from his. But then he fawns over guests that share his opinions, to the point of being obsequious. Worse yet, the personal attacks are often sexual in nature. I am puzzled why the “suits” at Salem Media Group put up with his constant sexual insults when they brand themselves as having “family-themed content and conservative values.”

    Furthermore, Shaun constantly calls people “roaches” who accept government assistance (or “cheese” in his lingo), like PPP loans, but apparently that doesn’t apply to his family finances. His wife, who goes by the name Roseann Massey, received a $14,400 PPP loan (totally forgiven) in April 2020 for a beauty shop she owns in Elmwood Park. I wonder if she will also be applying for the Employee Retention Credit for which WIND runs constant advertisements; that is more government “cheese.” So is he living with a roach? Furthermore, why does his wife not use his last name when she signs government documents, including her voter registration? Could she be ashamed of being married to him?