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Naples-based Chicago Radio Host Shaun Thompson Attacks AM 560 Listeners, Brands Them as “Filthy Scum, Cockroaches,” for Calling out his Vile Weekend Rant



By Illinois Review

Chicago AM 560 radio host and Florida-based real estate agent Shaun Thompson has a unique setup – hosting his Chicago-based show from Naples, Florida, where he goes on rants talking about the crime plaguing the city; political corruption; and high taxes from 1,285 miles away – far away from the action and five states south from the station’s base of listeners.

In November of 2021, station management flew down to Naples to build a new studio for Chicago Morning Answer host Dan Proft – a full time Florida resident and registered voter, and Thompson – allowing them to speak to their Chicago-based listeners from the comfort of their southwest Florida studio.

But over the weekend, Thompson went on a vile rant, angrily referring to a Black and Right co host – an African American, as a “taffy apple head.”

Taffy apple head?

Thompson then said, “80 percent of you people are morons; 80 percent of you idiots who pretend to be Republican.”

You people?

“Do me a favor, go back to the Democrats where you belong…go back to the Democrats moron.”

Go back?

Then Thompson threatened physical violence, angrily saying, “You’ve got my number, you call me like a man. You’re going to say it on the radio like you’re a tough guy? I’ll shut your mouth in five seconds. Understand me?”

I’ll shut your mouth in five seconds? Understand me?

AM 560 host Shaun Thompson tells Black and Right co host “I’ll shut your mouth in five seconds. Understand me?”

On Wednesday – four days after his vile rant, Thompson went on his AM 560 Facebook page to say, “We said things to each other that we would normally reserve for our conversations at the cigar shop, but they didn’t belong on the radio. It wasn’t a good look for us.”

Whether it’s at a cigar shop or live on-air, these vile, hateful conversations threatening violence should never occur – whether in private or in public settings.

No one should be talking to someone like that – whether a friend, or not – in public or in private. It’s indefensible.

The co host joined Thompson on the air Wednesday afternoon, reiterating that Thompson is not a racist.

On Thursday morning, Thompson went on his personal Twitter page, calling out former AM 560 radio host and Illinois Review editor-in-chief Mark Vargas, an American of Mexican descent, and referencing the popular Mexican folk song, La Cucaracha, tweeting, “The Cockroaches, La Cucaracha ~~ La Cucaracha ~~~ yada yada yada yaa.”

“Cucaracha” is Spanish for “cockroach.”

Late Wednesday, Thompson made a reference to those calling out his vile remarks – many of them AM 560 listeners – referring to them on Twitter as “cockroaches” and “filthy scum.”

Thompson even attacked former Republican attorney general candidate and conservative grassroots leader Tom DeVore – and a frequent guest on AM 560 The Answer, for calling out his vile rant on Saturday, posting from his official AM 560 Facebook page, “It must be hard to accept that you aren’t the center of attention.”

Thompson has a history of making vile and despicable remarks on social media, where he often posts expletive laden tweets and regularly calls people “scumbag,” “scum,” “whore,” “low life,” “stupid,” “moron” and “dumb.”

Illinois Review has chosen not to post Thompson’s tweets because they are vile, despicable, inappropriate and not suitable for publication.

Thompson’s rhetoric on-air and his social media posts are also a direct contradiction of the values of Salem Media Group, which owns AM 560 The Answer.

Branded as a family-friendly and Christian media group, Thompson is representative of everything that Salem stands against.

“Salem Media Group is America’s leading radio broadcaster, Internet content provider, and magazine and book publisher targeting audiences interested in Christian and family-themed content and conservative values.”

Salem Publishing is also one of the leading publishers in the country of Christian and conservative-themed books and magazines.

And since Thompson’s vile rant on Saturday, sources confirm to Illinois Review that several organizations will be severing their relationship with the station – disappointed that a Christian conservative station would give an individual like Thompson a platform to spew such hateful and offensive rhetoric on a daily basis.


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  1. Shaun Thompson is causing damage to the conservative movement by his offensive behavior. When Democrat propagandists seek to malign Republicans they point to useful idiots like Thompson to persuade low information voters that the GOP is filled with hateful individuals. It is also stupid to have a Florida resident posing as a Chicagoan over the broadcast air.