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BREAKING: Chicago Teachers Union President Stacy Davis Gates Secretly Sends Child to Private School While Publicly Blasting School Choice



By Illinois Review

In a shocking revelation it has been discovered that Chicago Teachers Union president Stacy Davis Gates has secretly enrolled her son in a private catholic school, while at the same time publicly voicing her opposition to school choice – in a blatant act of hypocrisy that destroys any ounce of credibility she has left after the story broke earlier this afternoon.

In past social media posts, the CTU president has said, “school choice was actually the choice of racists. It was created to avoid integrating schools with Black children.”

It has been reported that Davis Gates is paying more than $16,000 in tuition to send her child to a private school.

In an interview with WBEZ, Davis Gates defended her decision, saying it was the result of “unfair choices” that other parents in her community must make.

“It was a very difficult decision for us because there is not a lot to offer Black youth who are entering high school. In many of our schools on the South Side and the West Side, the course offerings are very marginal and limited. Then the other thing, and it was a very strong priority, was his ability to participate in co-curricular and extracurricular activities, which quite frankly, don’t exist in many of the schools, high schools in particular.”

Former mayoral candidate Paul Vallas posted a comment on X, stating, “CTU leaders call supporters of school choice fascists & racists. Yet 4 of 10 CTU teachers select private schools over public schools. Over 50 thousand poor children, 96% Black & Latino, choose public charter schools over neighborhood schools. Are they fascists and racists?”

Chicago Democratic political leaders often talk about the value of a public school education, but quietly, they send their children to private schools. Mayors Rahm Emanuel and Lori Lightfood, as well as Gov. JB Pritzker all sent their children to private schools.


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