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Opinion: The Fate of our Country Hangs in the Balance, Nothing is More Important Than Electing Donald J. Trump President in 2024



By Mark Vargas and Scott Kaspar

The 2024 presidential election is the most consequential election in our lifetime – if not, ever.

Under the Biden administration – small businesses were decimated during the pandemic; schools were shut down; children were forced into remote learning away from their friends and forced to wear masks upon their return to the classroom; first responders – police officers and firefighters, teachers, flight attendants, airline pilots and frontline healthcare workers were demonized and even terminated from their jobs for refusing to take the COVID vaccine.

But that’s not all.

Under the Biden administration, school districts across the country are teaching a national sexual education curriculum that teaches students about gender identity, hormone blockers and how to preform various sexual acts on a person – topics completely inappropriate for children.

In addition to this perverted curriculum, these same school districts are sowing the seeds of hate by introducing topics like critical race theory – which teaches students about race superiority and that we are fundamentally a racist, no good country.

And it’s why many young people have grown to dislike the American flag – even refusing to stand or acknowledge the flag during the playing of our national anthem.

And what does the Biden administration do to parents who bravely and peacefully confront their school board members and district officials and advocate on behalf of the children?

The Biden administration labels them “domestic terrorists.”

But that’s not all.

Under the Biden administration, it’s now illegal to question the legitimacy of an election.

But as a Democratic U.S. Senator – Joe Biden spent his entire career from 1973-2009 – warning the country about the dangers of voter fraud.

In 2001, then President Bill Clinton, while on a trip to Chicago said that Al Gore won the popular vote, and that the only way Republicans could win the 2000 election was to “stop the vote in Florida.”

In 2002, former Democratic presidential candidate Al Gore told the Washington Post that he believed “if everyone in Florida who tried to vote had his or her vote counted properly, that I would have won.”

In 2017, during Donald Trump’s Presidential Inauguration, 67 Democratic Members of Congress skipped the inaugural festivities, claiming that his election was “illegitimate.”

In 2018, Democrat Stacy Abrams questioned the “legitimacy of the election” after she lost her race for Georgia governor and refused to concede.

Under the Biden administration, it’s now illegal for a lawyer to represent a client who raises the flag about election fraud – as in the case of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

But that’s not all.

Under the Biden administration, every day hard working Americans are being silenced on social media platforms for expressing opinions that do not align with the progressive liberal agenda.

Post about your support of President Trump and the Make America Great Again movement on your personal Facebook page during non-business hours and you may face termination by your employer.

America has never been in a more perilous spot.

The God-given, unalienable rights that formed our “more perfect union” are being weakened before our eyes. We are in a constitutional crisis where swift action must be taken now at the executive level to correct the course and right the ship.

And the only way to stop this madness is to wholeheartedly support the leading candidate for the Republican nomination for president – and that’s President Donald J. Trump – who leads his closest challenger – Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis by nearly 50 points.

A latest Fox News poll has President Donald Trump leading Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis by nearly 50 points.

The people have spoken – and President Trump isn’t just leading by a little – he’s leading by a lot. It’s not even close.

And where is our Republican leadership in Illinois? They are out there promoting Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who trails President Trump by nearly 50 points.

They are also working on a “plan” for reversing the Democrat’s stranglehold on our lives by focusing on a handful of state representative and state senate races to try and “chip away” at the Democratic supermajority control in Springfield.

And the architect of this plan? Illinois Republican national committeeman Richard Porter – the chief architect of the failed Richard Irvin campaign for governor who lost to the grassroots candidate by 43 points.

In many of these same races, the IL GOP establishment is quietly running its preferred candidates against those carrying grassroots’ support – despite saying publicly that they will stay neutral during the 2024 primary.

That’s right – the Illinois GOP is still meddling in local races – pitting establishment Republicans against grassroots Republicans.

The idea that you could “chip away” at the Democrat’s supermajority control in Illinois in a single election is absurd.

But let’s focus on local Illinois races and ignore the global initiatives that the Biden administration is tying us to, like the UN’s and World Economic Forum’s Agenda 2030 where Chicago will be one of 14 cities in the US slated to become a “Smart City” by 2030 – which means Chicagoans will have to forego meat and dairy in just 7 years’ time.

That’s right: no more meat or dairy.

And driving a gas-powered vehicle? Forget about it.

But the political geniuses within the IL GOP know better – and the real fight is not to defeat Joe Biden and elect Donald Trump – but to focus on races that will not move the needle or make any difference at all in Illinois.

In the Illinois Senate, Democrats maintain a 41-18 supermajority control.

In the Illinois House, Democrats maintain a 78-39 supermajority control.

Do you think Illinois Republicans will have any say in Springfield anytime soon? Absolutely not.

It took over 17,000 years for glaciers to “chip away” at the earth and become the Great Lakes, and even that amount of time may not be long enough to reverse the Democrat’s control of Springfield.

But what do we know – clearly IL GOP leaders know better.

Mark Vargas is Editor-in-Chief of Illinois Review and a columnist with Newsmax. From 2007-2010, he served as a civilian in the Office of the U.S. Secretary of Defense, traveling to Baghdad, Iraq 14 times. Follow Mark on X at @markvargas.

Scott Kaspar is Publisher of Illinois Review and a 20-year trial lawyer licensed in Illinois, Iowa, Colorado, and California, who has handled and won complex litigations in federal courts across the country. He can be followed on X at @ScottKaspar.


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  1. The article lists ways that President Biden harmed our country, but it doesn’t say why former President Trump is better than his primary opponents. I hope that all conservatives will vote against Trump, in the primaries and caucuses. Every federal budget, that Trump signed, increased spending and increased the federal government debt. If he were conservative, he wouldn’t have done that. We need to elect a conservative president who will cut spending and tax rates.