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Reeder: April is organ donor month. Consider being a donor.

By Scott Reeder -  SPRINGFIELD – Ever found yourself hoping someone will die so someone you love can live? Fourteen years ago, I found myself...

Reeder: Illinois lawmakers prepare to hike taxes on income and soda pop

By Scott Reeder -  For a few minutes earlier this month, I received a dollop of hope when word trickled out of the statehouse...

Reeder: Illinois state worker fights for freedom to reject union membership

By Scott Reeder - Mark Janus is a David ready to take on a Goliath. You’ve probably never heard of Mark. He’s just an Ordinary...

Reeder: Don’t look to the Donald or Hillary for change

By Scott Reeder - SPRINGFIELD – On Monday nights, my family cleans the house. Usually we listen to whatever cartoons our kids are watching as...

Reeder: Sandack’s a good man that caught up in something awful

By Scott Reeder - SPRINGFIELD – Sometimes smart people do really stupid things. And sometimes good people do things that they wish they hadn’t. None of...

Reeder: Plagiarism may no longer be a big deal, but it’s still stealing

By Scott Reeder -  SPRINGFIELD – I’ve never quite understood the appeal of plagiarism. Is it laziness or a lack of creativity that motivates people...

Reeder: Illinois considers banning sales tax on feminine products

By Scott Reeder -  SPRINGFIELD – Tax relief is sailing through the legislature.  Property taxes? Income taxes? Gasoline taxes? Nope. Not yet. But it looks like we...


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