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Sen. Murphy joins Illinois’ growing Marco Rubio delegation



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Marco Rubio is State Senator Matt Murphy's prez pick for 2016

PALATINE – U.S. Senator Marco Rubio is Illinois' State Senator Matt Murphy's (R-Palatine) pick for the GOP's 2016 presidential nominee. He joins other Senate colleagues Mike Connelly and Jim Oberweis in Rubio's corner.

“In 2016 we need to elect a president who embraces America’s greatness, who can not only understand our hopes and fears, but actually successfully address them, who knows that for Americans to be safe in a dangerous world, America needs to be strong and respected,” Senator Murphy said in a statement.  “I believe Marco Rubio has what it takes to be that president and am proud to endorse his candidacy.”

Murphy's statement goes on to explain his choice.

"Marco Rubio has represented Florida in the Senate since 2011 and has a strong conservative record. He repeatedly stood up against Obamacare and dishonest budgets that have encouraged more debt at the expense of job creation and lasting prosperity," Murphy said. "Moreover, as a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, Sen. Rubio has gained invaluable experience in the critical area of foreign affairs."

He also noted that "As the son of immigrants from Cuba, Marco Rubio knows what a true land of opportunity America is, but, as a married father of young children, also personally relates to the challenges Americans face today in achieving that American Dream of making a better life for our families."


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  1. Well, Marco Rubio bought a $3,000 refrigerator recently according to a May 20 article in the Washington Post. Does that seem like something the average American struggling to get by would do?
    As for Rubio’s foreign policy gravitas…. to me he seems like a war monger ready to get us in to another of our endless wars in the Middle East. Last night Dr. Ben Carson had it right on the long term problems the Middle east has always faced.
    Most definitely, from an experience standpoint and from a foreign policy standpoint, Marco Rubio is the worst potential GOP candidate. Maybe this is why they call the GOP the stupid party? There are so many of our elected officials just ready to take America through another joyride through the Levant with him.
    Oh, did I forget, he’d give illegal immigrants amnesty too. What a bunch of fools we have in our once great party.

  2. The biggest disaster with nominating Romney was that the Obamacare issue was effectively taken off of the table because of Romneycare. The nomination of Rubio will effectively take failed Middle East regime policy off of the table because Rubio took the exact same positions as H.R.; he will be unable to attack the policy. Lots of people say, but Rubio is conservative because he ran against Charlie Crist. But Charlie Crist wasn’t even a Republican! Rubio is like Kinzinger. The Tea Party was wild for him before he abandoned all of their positions and he trashed them using establishment, even Dem, stuff. Rubio hasn’t gone that far, yet, but he isn’t a conservative.